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SITUATION: My friends home was for sale. The friend moved

Customer Question

My friend's home was for sale.
The friend moved out of state several months ago
It sold
Papers are to be passed at the end of July.
I lived in the house after the friend left until 5/15/13-- care taking.
The friend asked that I have a " moving " sale ( inside the house) to sell furniture, etc.
I did this today.
It was raining.
A person said that she fell on the wet steps (4 steps)as she was leaving.. This person and her friend were carrying a light table out to their car.

I did not see this happen. But my 2 friends said that she did not fall. They held the door for her as she left and decended the steps. Perhaps it happened when they got to the car.??
The car was in the paved driveway
A few minutes later the same person came into the house again and stated that she trpped and fell.
She showed a buried elbow
She then went to the emergency dept. of a local hospital. Nothing broken.
QUESTION -- Am I liable for her hospital, doctor, and medicine bill?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  richanne96 replied 4 years ago.

richanne96 :

No, you are not liable. She apparently tripped and fell because it was raining. This condition was open and obvious. You did nothing wrong. First of all, it was not even your house. The fact that you were having a sale there does not make you liable for any accident that occurs on the property. The only way you would be liable is if you knew of a dangerous condition that the sale-goers did not and you failed to warn them. For example, if you knew there was oil on the steps and failed to warn her and she slipped on the oil, you would be liable. But the water was a known danger. So you are not liable.

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