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Brandon, Esq.
Brandon, Esq., Attorney
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I am looking for a great personal injury lawyer near Greeneville

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I am looking for a great personal injury lawyer near Greeneville Tn....I got a injury at a local grocery store in the parking lot when the handles broke off both of my bags as I was getting them out of the shopping cart to put them in the car 1 bag had two 2 liters and 1 bag had 1 and I had requested that they be double bagged well I had forgot to get a can of tomatoes I went to get them as the cashier rung up my things and they were all bagged I did not notice that the drinks were not bagged as I requested well when the handles broke the drinks hit my foot and toes it broke 1 toe in 2 places and now they told me this morning at the er that I needed to have surgery because it has not got no better and it happened in May the people handling this for ingles said i would have to pay to go to a foot Dr. and started talking about settling with me I have no insurance and lost my job not to long ago what do i need to do about this and if you know of a good lawyer near here please let me know
Hello and thank you for your question today. You are right that you need a personal injury attorney who will bring a claim on your behalf for negligence against the grocery store. Unfortunately, it is against the terms of service of the site to give you an exact referral. That being said, if you decide to hire an attorney a great resource is This is a nationwide directory that is useful in finding highly qualified legal specialists in various fields of law. The lawyers in Martindale are not selected because they paid to be included, but rather because they have been rated by other attorneys as qualified experts in their field. Consider consulting with two or three different attorneys willing to take your case prior to selecting the one you feel most comfortable with. In a case like this, the attorney would take your case on contingency, which means that you would end up owing nothing out of pocket. When you go to martindale, you would type in "Personal Injury Tennessee" Then on the left side you will see a way to narrow it down further to Greeneville. All of the attorneys on Martindale will definitely fit your requirement of being great personal injury attorneys.

As for Brentwood services paying for you to go, while they can elect to pay for your treatment at the time, likely you will have to find a doctor willing to treat you on a lien. This means that they will not collect for the treatment until after you have settled your case. This is because most insurance companies will not want to pay until after you are willing to settle the claim. But again, when you find an attorney, they will be able to help you on this matter.

Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above and I will be more than happy to assist you further. If you do not require any further assistance, I would be most grateful if you would remember to provide my service a positive rating, as this is the only way I will receive credit for assisting you.

Have a wonderful rest of your day.
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