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i am in a federal case and my case has been connected to another

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i am in a federal case and my case has been connected to another similar case versus the same defendants. The plaintiff and her attorney have been worse about getting me information that they have in their possession than the defendants. (apparently my case is seen to complete with theres, because they dont believe that IM only interested in legal advocacy of the cause. also they may think that the defendants will try to pin my riskier case on them, if i lose, if they help me). Regardless, how do i compel discovery from them, in the cheapest way possible? I dont want to cause them extra expense, even though they have been uncooperative, they are still good people. Can i depose them? send interrogatories?subpoena them? Unilaterally Notice of hearing them via SKype or teleconference ? I need to be able to compel them to answer a few basic questions, and send me some information they have already sent the defendants. thank you
Initially you want to send discovery demands. Those take form of document requests and interrogatories. That follows with depositions if you want to ask questions in person. If they dont produce, you send a letter demanding production. If they still dont produce you would file a motion to the court to compel their compliance.
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