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I hurt my back at work on 4/21/13. I was not able to see my

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I hurt my back at work on 4/21/13. I was not able to see my PCP becuase they do not do workers comp right now. I called the WC insurer ( SAIF) and asked them where I should go. They said they could not tell me and I would need to call around and find someone myself. I went to the only place I could think of, a walk in clinic. About a week afetr I was treated, I began having neck problems and numbness in my arms. The NP would not listen to me and ignored the neck and arm symptoms. I called SAIF and asked , again, for a list of providers I could see becuase I was being ignored. Again I was toled I woould just ahve to call around and find someone. I called several in the phone book with no success. No one was taking new patients or they had a several month wait. I I went to a diffrent urgent care center. There i saw a MD who told me to come back in a week. I came back in a week and I was put with a dffrent MD, then I came back a week later and was put with ANOTHER MD. The last MD said my symptoms were "in my head" . They are very much NOT in my head. I decided enough was enough. I called several MORE DR's in the phone book and finally found a clinic that wasnt a urgent care and I would be assured I would see the same provider each time becuase he was the only one there ;-) I filled out all the forms to change pysicians. The new provider, a nurse practitioner, did exrays and found a crack in my neck and thinks there may be something pressing on a nerve. He took me off work and put me in a neck brace. I am not able to drive becuase of the numbness in my arms and I cannot move myneck without alot of pain. He askd me to come back on 6/3 and he will try to get me in for a MRI. The next day. i get a packet in the mail from SAIF saying they were accepting my lower back claim, but had not yet accepted the neck issue. They also said they had enrolled me in a managed care. The provider I had just saw the day before was not on the list. All this time of me begging for help to find a provider, and getting no help, then the day AFTER i find someone I am told I cant see him? The only provider who has listedned to me and actually is trying to find out the problem and fix it. Then today I get a phone call from my employer saying I am to report for light duty tommorow becuase my OLD provider said I can. I am not even seeing him anymore and I cant even drive. What on earth am I suppsed to do? This is not fair. Do I have any other options?

stevewlaw :

Hi [USERNAME], my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will do the best to help you. My advice is general only and does not create an attorney-client relationship. I am so sorry to hear of this poor treatment not only by some health care providers, but by your own work comp carrier as well. It sounds like you may have a serious neck issue with impingement on the nerves that run into your arms. I strongly suggest that you speak with a qualified workers comp attorney in your area ASAP. Here is a link to the Oregon Bar Association's lawyer referral service. Please call them and seek a referral to a work comp attorney in your area.

stevewlaw :

With regard to your return to work, I would suggest that you explain the situation to your employer and, if you must, use a sick day(s) until this issue is resolved. Let them know that you are not seeing that provider anymore and that your medical issues are more serious than originally suspected. Let them know that due to the numbness in your arms, that it is not safe for you to drive to work, let alone work even on light duty right now.

stevewlaw :

The most important thing for you to do is get well and find out what your medical diagnosis is and how to correct the problem. Once you get in to see a work comp attorney, they will help you sort out these issues. Once again, I am so sorry to hear of your situation. I wish you the best. Please keep me posted. Steve

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