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I have had carpal tunnel surgery on my right dominant hand

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I have had carpal tunnel surgery on my right dominant hand just over one year ago. Severe pain since surgery. My wrist was purple , black and very swollen. There is still a "goose egg" on my wrist from the procedure and it feels like a hot ice pick is probing. Some days are tolerable pain but often times it is awful pain that makes my arm and jaw ache. MRI, Arthrogram, EMG all negative. Surgeon says I am an enigma. Recently I visited a neurosurgeon that says it may be vascular. I am a healthy, strong fit , middle aged man but the pain I am having is disabling me from working. I am currently filing for long term disability. Please share your thoughts on my situation.

Thank you for your question and I'm very sorry to hear about his situation.

Can you attribute the carpel tunnel syndrome which led you to surgery to any sort of repetitive movement you do at work?

Are you able to work now?

Has any doctor that you have seen since the surgery suggested to you that it is a result of something that went wrong during the surgery?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am a charge nurse in a busy intensive care burn unit. I use my hands all day from giving injections to dressing changes. I am now on short term disability and applying for long term through my employee benefits.

Neurosurgeon thinks my ortho surgeon snipped a blood vessel and my problem is likely vascular that even he doesnt know if can repair it.

Thank you for your response.

There are several issues here. Carpel tunnel syndrome is often the result of repetitive hand movements that you do at work. Accordingly, not only could this be a case for disability, but also for workers compensation. If you file a claim for workers compensation, you may be able to obtain temporary income benefits, impairment benefits, and medical treatment through the claim if the state agrees with you that the injury is a repetitive hand injury caused by your work. However, because the surgery took place over a year ago you will have an issue relating the original injury to your work and may also be time barred from asserting a workers compensation claim. It might be worth your while to consult with a local workers compensation attorney to explore whether there are any exceptions that might apply to your case to allow you to make a claim.

The second and more significant issue is medical malpractice. Your neurosurgeon's indication that this might have been the result of a snipped blood vessel, which would be a mistake by the surgeon, triggers your right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit. Such a lawsuit must be handled by an attorney and could result in a significant damages award if you were to win your case. I strongly suggest that you contact a local medical malpractice attorney for a full case evaluation as soon as possible.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Please also kindly consider rating my answer positively so that I am compensated by the website for my work on your question. Rating positively does not cause an additional charge and does not prevent us from further discussing your questions.

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