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Hello, If we have access to play on a private property (we

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If we have access to play on a private property (we have signed agreement on that ground with landlord), and we play baseball and the ball caused a personal injury to someone on the road so who is responsible , assuming we have liability insurance on that ground, So my question would be the person who signed the agreement with the landlord (mostly captain of the team) or who strike the ball?

Thanks for your help!!

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to answer your questions today.

The person who hit the ball is responsible, because that is the person who caused the injury (even though it was an accident). The person who signed the agreement does not have the ability, or the responsibility, to control the game. That person would only be responsible if he signed something accepting responsibility for injuries that might occur, which would be very unusual.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

H Lucy


Thanks for your response, It really helped.

It was raining out so had to step out in the middle of conversation , I am sorry for that,

Last question, What is the liability insurance for the ground is needed and how does this help?




I'm sorry. I signed off for the evening before I saw your response.

The person who signed the lease is able to protect himself by having all players sign a waiver stating that the group that organized the event is not liable for any injuries, and the owner of the property is not liable for any injuries. Since playing sports is a voluntary activity, that protects those people. It may also be possible to put up signs warning people that there are games nearby and to park at their own risk (depending on the area and if people tend to park near where you have the agreement) Most insurance companies do not offer policies to protect against injuries caused by a person, other than when he is driving, or on his own property.

It's up to every individual company to decide what policies they want to offer. They should have group policies to protect an entire team (which everyone who wants to play could contribute to), but I don't know if you'd be able to find affordable policies that would protect an individual while he is playing sports. Some homeowner's policies provide coverage away from home, but there are usually exclusions. You would want to check with a few different insurance companies to see if they offer what you're looking for.
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