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richanne96, Attorney
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where can I look to find out if a laywer has had any malpractice

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where can I look to find out if a laywer has had any malpractice cases brought againts them? And the details around the case.

richanne96 :

Hello and welcome.

richanne96 :

There are two main ways to get information about a lawyer's track record -- the courts and the state bars of the states where the lawyer is admitted to practice. A lot of information is available from both online. For example, in your home state of New Jersey, if you go to this Web site: you will find links to New Jersey Courts public access as well as to the NJ bar and an attorney index. The NJ Courts should have information about lawsuits filed against your lawyer, although you may need to visit the court itself, once you have identified a case, to read the file. The bar will have information about disciplinary actions. You will want to search for this information in whatever states the attorney has been admitted to practice.

richanne96 :

The New Jersey Court site actually appears to be down for the weekend, but should be back up Tuesday.

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