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Infolawyer, Attorney
Category: Personal Injury Law
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Experience:  Licensed attorney helping individuals and businesses.
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We are having difficulty removing a Public Adjuster as a payee

Customer Question

We are having difficulty removing a Public Adjuster as a payee with the Insurance company. The PA was fired for cause and all parties were notified in writing. The PA has been paid in full for services rendered to date. The insurance company states our signed agreement with PA binds the insurance company to list PA as the payee unless a court document or signed release is presented. I am truly shocked that a bad situation worsened by a deceitful public adjuster firm coupled with a devastated home owner just got worse.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 4 years ago.

INFOLAWYER : What can I answer for you?
INFOLAWYER : why wont the insurer remove?
INFOLAWYER : is there an agreement in place?
Customer : hi there
Customer : Yes there is or was an agreement which was terminated by us for cause. The insurer is not willing to budge unless a signed release is presented from the Pa or the court. This is balony; the PA was fired for cause and I am doing all the work here. How does this create a lien on my insurance claim. How do I go about this procedure to remove the PA as payee?
Customer : ?
INFOLAWYER : The insurer is being extra cautious here
INFOLAWYER : it has to pay the insured
INFOLAWYER : if the adjuster has a claim
INFOLAWYER : it should proceed to seek a lien or sue you
INFOLAWYER : the insurer wants to avoid being sued
INFOLAWYER : so it maintaining status quo
INFOLAWYER : you could then seek to negotiate some compromise with the adjuster for reduced fee
INFOLAWYER : or contest it and sue adjuster for an order holding no fee is owing
INFOLAWYER : once you get such an order the insurer should comply
INFOLAWYER : but you may want from insurer clarification if it will accept that
INFOLAWYER : It should.
INFOLAWYER : Is that clear?
INFOLAWYER : Is the answer acceptable?
Customer : yes. Are you interested in or know someone who may be interested in taking on this insurance claaim?
INFOLAWYER : I can suggest a directory
INFOLAWYER : would you like that?
INFOLAWYER : i cannot recommend specific lawyer by name per site rules

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