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The night of January 9, 2013 I took my husband George, to the

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The night of January 9, 2013 I took my husband George, to the Salem VA hospital in Salem, Virginia. He was admitted that night in the emergency room. He was in the emergency room for over 12 hours or more by the next day around about 3:30p he was taking to the ICU in the VA hospital. My grandson and I visited with George in ICU for about two hours or so. Before I left I pulled the the side rails to his bed and was told by one of the nurses that I believe it was the right side rail did not work. On the left side rail I put George urnal. so he would not have to get out of bed. I called George on his cell phone, about 11 PM that night he did not answer his phone. I then call ICU and was told by someone there that Mr. Nutting, was sitting at eating graham crackers and drinking ginger ale. How ever I thought to myself why would he be doing that because he is a diabetic.
By 6 am the next morning he had fell and fractured his skull. I do not understand how my husband got out of bed stood up and fell backwards. The reason I say this is because he was in ICU. I am told that the alarms goes off when a patient tries to get out of bed. It would have taken my husband 3-4 tries to get out of bed and then to walk from the bed turn around and fell backward!
. In that time I don’t understand why they were no one there to help. Also he was legally blind. I want to know why no one in ICU was able to be there during the time the alarms was going off. I feel under the circumstances that it is a cover up. Why I say this is because a doctor from the VA hospital call me about 6 AM or some time after 6 AM to tell me what happened All I ask was he talking and she told me yes mr. Nutting is talking! Then she asked me or said to me that it would be best for him to be in Carilion hospital in Roanoke, VA. And I said okay. It took them almost an hour,and a half to get George to Carilion hospital. The doctor first ask me if I had someone to come with me to the VA hospital and I said no. She said it would be better if I meet George at Carilion hospital because it was closer to my house, or something like that. I waited at home for an half an hour after the call from the doctor from the VA hospital. When we got to Carilion Hospital no George, he had not gotten there, I was met by one of the staff at Carilion an told the ambulance was on route with my husband. It’s the one for ever before he got there. When I saw my husband he was not speaking only the the was doing was moving his right arm. His face looked like somebody beat him about the face and head. His eyes was swollen to the size of golf balls. He was not able to speak. I feel the part of it was because he could not hear us. Because they did not send his hearing aids with him. I called to the VA hospital and was told that I had to have special permission to pick up his hearing aid. I than as for them to be sent to Carilion hopital!
they never got there. George died 18 January 2013..if I had sent it before I’ll say it again I feel that this was a cover-up. What I want I want a full investigation and all the person or persons on the floor at the time that George had his accident and no one came I want all of them to lose their jobs because they are incompetent. And I would not want this to happen to anyone else. Please check it to this matter and other related incident. Because this was not the first time that George had fell in this hospital. I will send a copy of this to the state congressman and also to the president of the United States. I need to know why this happened to my husband because he was admitted because he had had a mild stroke that affected his speech and his balance.
Also I would like to know how he can be things of that George to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. We have a reference number and that number is XXXXX
I do thank you with the help that you could give me and my family we look forward to hearing from you on both matters thank you very much

Mrs. Barbara Nutting
I am very sorry to hear this.

It sounds like medical malpractice to allow a patient to sustain a fracture while under the care of the first hospital, but you will need a local attorney to advise you, after reviewing all the medical records from both hospitals.

You can get a free consultation from some of the medical malpractice lawyers listed by location at

The eligibility requirements for burial at Arlington are listed at

The eligibility requirements for inurnment at Arlington are listed at

The phone number for Arlington National Cemetery is(NNN) NNN-NNNN

I believe your husband was the victim of medical malpractice and I urge you to follow up on this with a local attorney.

I hope this information is helpful.
N Cal Attorney and 3 other Personal Injury Law Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for accepting my answer.

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