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in a case against some powerful defendants, some strange events

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in a case against some powerful defendants, some strange events have happened causing this attorney in a related case to leave, marking a 3rd changing of the guard. IM concerned some of the powerful opponents are intimidating these attorneys. I am unaffected as ive been filing in this federal case from 1000 miles away. I want to motion the court for miscellaneous relief or some form of relief, such as involving constitutional protections as my case may warrant it due to possible government insolvent with one of the defendants. Regardless, whats a good name for such a motion, asking for an investigation into these allegations and odd occurrences, as well as extending protections available to the court? is it a motion for miscellaneous relief? I am including it with my response in opposition of this last attorneys abrupt withdraw from the case for her client, which will stall the case and my related case. thank you.

richanne96 :

Hello, I am reviewing your question. You could file a motion for an injunction to enjoin (or stop or preclude) the other side from doing certain things. But the court is not going to conduct an investigation for you - they do not have the resources for that. You could ask for a stay of proceedings while you investigate yourself. If the opponent is OK with his attorney leaving and a new one coming on board it is unlikely you will be able to find that successfully.

richanne96 :

I'm sorry -- I meant fight that successfully.

richanne96 :

Are you a party to the other case from which the attorney is withdrawing? You need to be a party to file a motion in the case. If you are not a party yet, you will need to file a motion to intervene, and you will need to have a basis for your intervention.

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