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I have a question I am living in Allentown pa and I work for

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I have a question I am living in Allentown pa and I work for a chiropractor as an independent contractor and am a massage therapist I was ask about a month ago to evaluate another massage therapist work because the person in question was having many complaints against him well I realized this person wore a wrist watch and I told him he needs to take it off it was not professional for this person to work with this watch on while giving massages. He got angry about this, Then it was discovered I was making more money then he was when this person ram sacked the chiropractors private files and the chiropractor was confronted about this issue. Well this person went home and he told his mate about me and not long after that this mate emailed me The following statement to my email address Please be very cautious about any certain person you continuously have something to say about in any places you may work. You may know Hippa laws but I'm sure you don't know employment law and liable as well as Me If you have nothing good to say about someone keep it to yourself, Because If you happen to be attempting to benefit from your demeanor, punitive damages can be very high. I'm documenting your action and comments Thank You PS Hope You claimed your independent contractor wages from the chiropractor properly with all tax avenues.. That's another area I'm good at. Now I email this to a employment lawyer and was told he most likely blowing off stem. Now I have been recently trying to go after zoning with the Allentown pa zoning office to work out of my house performing massage therapy. So it was suggested I put up a petition on line to get as many signatures as possible. so I did I placed the petition on care2petitionsite and my 9th signature was this employees mate with the following threat

I contest this action with my hopes the zoning board refuses this request. Ms Landis has allegedly been fraudulently colleting wages from Ziegler Chiropractic stated as being a "Independent Contractor" but not reporting wages to the appropriate tax offices getting $25/hr. Also, she has allegedly been defamatory and liable against another employee at the same location trying to get herself more clients. Allentown does not need any more unethical businesses taxing tax money from our locale for their own benefit. I will be in contact with the zoning board to be sure all her documents are presented.

Note I pay my taxes I have an accountant have for years IN addition is it legal that this employees mate posting my salary on line and to top it off he threatening to contact the zoning board to be sure I do all my paperwork right. Do I have the right to sue this person would it be worth my time. I printed a copy of the site and defamatory information. Should I delete the information or should I save it for a lawyer to see? I am not sure how to deal with this Help Please I would appreciate any information from you.
I'm sorry to hear this.

If you are not a pubic employee, posting your salary on line was an invasion of privacy.

Only a local attorney can advise you, but I think it would be worth your time to have a local attorney review the posts and emails.

She used the word "allegedly" thinking it would shield her from liability for defamation, but by not attributing a source to the allegations she arguably implied that it had been "alleged" in Court, or at least, a reasonable person could interpret her words that way. So my opinion is that you do have claims for defamation and invasion of privacy.

Please follow up on this with a local attorney.

You can get a free consultation from some of the attorneys listed by location at

I hope this information is helpful.
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