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The California Medical Board has asked me to give my permission

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The California Medical Board has asked me to give my permission to get my Medical Record from my doctor they say if I dont give it they will just subpoena my doctor for them. The letter says I have a right to object and I want to,doesn't the patient have Rights? I am happy with my care and want no part of this.

Thank you for your question.

You do have a right to object to the subpoena if you decide you do not want to give the Board permission to view your records. In order to protect your medical information from disclosure to the board, it would be necessary to lodge your objection in writing and also request that they be sealed and not disclosed if a court rules that they be disclosed. It would be best to hire an attorney to represent your interests here by filing an objection to the subpoena. You do have rights!

Do you know how this came about? Was a doctor who was treating you reported to the Board?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes beging investigated. Sounds like I need a lawyer to fight for my right as a patient to refuse. This is crazy

It is possible that if the board obtains your records that there could be disclosure of the records as those records might later become subject to disclosure through a freedom of information request in the investigation. The board is supposed to hold those records confidential to protect your interests. However, it is better to object to the disclosure if you want to ensure that your records are not disclosed. If there is an interest in preventing the board from looking at the records at all, then you must object.

Thank you for the positive rating and I hope this helped.