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In 1996 an illegal raid was done while i was working for my

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In 1996 an illegal raid was done while i was working for my father because he got TB and while self quarantined the Feds lied and got illegal search warrent under fraud stating it was for fraudulent billing which I was in charge of. Agent lied and switched from discrimination (TB) to (Billing fraud) in order to gain accsses to medical records. FBI, SWAT and DEA held heavy ARTILLERY, machine guns to my head and threatened my life if I did say one word. I had just sarted my billing service and they did not know Dr was my Father.
I had many injuries and have not been able to work ever since. Incomplete records for social security, workmans comp etc... taxes..etc.... many mental damages including physical as well.
I never got my records back. They ruined the practice and made a monster out of my father , a highly reputable Surgeon. I am in another state now. No lawyer wants nthe case now that my memory is back and I can pursue it.

Personal Injury Pro : Hello and Good Morning!
Personal Injury Pro : Did this happen in CT?

no in Milwaukee WI


good morn

Personal Injury Pro : Thank you! Please give me just a moment to answer you.

i cry and my memory has returned


ssdisability is needed


wc is needed


too late?


can i sue state?


Agent originally whispered to me did i know DR had Tuberculosis and came back next day with bogus warrent

Personal Injury Pro : So very sorry to hear this has happened to you and that you are now having to relive it all over again. It sounds like you have a pretty severe form of PTSD and that SSDI would be warranted. WC is way past time statute of limitation for filing. As far as suing for the injuries to your person and property, WI has a 3 year statute of limitations on those types of injuries, which is why none of the attorneys you are speaking to seem interested in the case. Ifna person is physically injured, or if their property is damaged, they have 3 years from the date of accident to settle their claim or file a lawsuit. See Section 893.54 Wisconsin Statutes.

hmos stopped paying claims

Personal Injury Pro : Have you applied for SSDI yet?

only in CT and they gave it since 2008

Personal Injury Pro : In most cases, moving from state to state does not interrupt your Social Security Disability benefits. Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI are both federal programs, and your eligibility is not significantly affected by your state of residence. You may, of course, have to apply for state supplemental benefits in your new state of residence and you will be discontinued from supplemental benefits from your old state of residence.

workmans comp wanted to record me but i did file


what do u mean



Personal Injury Pro : When you are talking about worker's comp, I am assuming you mean you were trying to request it based on the medical billing position you had in your father's practice back in 1996?



also taxes werent filed or i would get ssI

Personal Injury Pro : You don't have to worry about the transfer/discontinued statement if your are receiving SSDI and not SSI.

cant get both?

Personal Injury Pro : In WI, for cases of occupational disease and some serious traumatic injuries, an employee may make a claim against the employer or its insurance company within 12 years from the date of injury or the date on which compensation was last paid. If this 12-year period has expired, the employee may make a claim for benefits due to occupational disease against the Work Injury Supplemental Benefit Fund, which is funded completely by specific case assessments on employers and insurance companies. For certain barred traumatic injuries, the employer or its insurance company continues to be liable for benefits after the statues of limitations has run.
Personal Injury Pro : So if you claim "traumatic injuries" you may be able to circumvent the statute of limitations for asking for WC.
Personal Injury Pro : In certain circumstances, you can collect SSI and SSDI at the same time (called "concurrent benefits"). This happens when a disability applicant is approved for Social Security Disability (abbreviated as SSD or SSDI) but receives only a low monthly payment. (A low SSDI payment can be caused by not working much in recent years or making low wages.)

Perfect. years after 1996 we stretched the work. How do I contact them


do i have to be ther?

Personal Injury Pro : You need to contact the insurance company that your father carried his WC insurance through and file a claim with them.

Do i need to be in the state.?



Personal Injury Pro : You do not have to be in the same state, but if you aren't, you may need an attorney to navigate the claim for you.

beautiful work. I cry again


thank you

Personal Injury Pro : You can find WC attorneys in WI here:
Personal Injury Pro : You're so welcome!!!

youve been worth every penny

Personal Injury Pro : The other thing I was going to tell you was that you *may* be able to toll the statute of limitation in the personal injury/property damage lawsuit IF you can prove you really did not remember anything.

good luck to you


i will get on this right away

Personal Injury Pro : When you talk to attorneys in the future, make sure you stress that you lost your memory and you want to know if this could toll the ststute of limitations, okay?
Personal Injury Pro : very good.
Personal Injury Pro : If you have any further questions, I am happy to answer them! If not, would you kindly consider a positive rating at this time? It costs you nothing further to do but it is the only way the site will compensate me. Thanks so much!

you got it


so long



Personal Injury Pro and other Personal Injury Law Specialists are ready to help you
It just means "lengthen" the amount of time you have to file your case. In situations where you have repressed memories, you may not be required to file your case until your memories come back. So if your memory of the events just returned in June 2012, you would have three years from that date in which to file a personal injury lawsuit.