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I am scheduled for a defense medical examination by the Defendants

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I am scheduled for a defense medical examination by the Defendant's board certified psychiatrist and neurologist. One physician, dual certifications. The order specifically states that I must submit to a Physical examination. There is no reference to a psychiatric/psychological assessment. Am I required to answer questions of causation, mental health history, work, and finances? The injuries sustained are trauma induced headaches. Must I remove my clothing and put a paper gown on, as the same physician requested during his first examination of me?

Thank you for your question. As the order pertains to a physical examination only, you are not required to answer verbal questions regarding causation or mental health. You are also not required to answer questions about your work or your finances. You are correct to assume that the Defendant's expert will ask these questions, and you should also know whatever you say will be used by the expert against you. So it's better to not answer these questions.
You do, however, have to cooperate in the exam to answer questions like "does this hurt" or "what does this feel like", etc.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Must I remove my clothes and paped gown on? The issue is post morbid headaches. I have seen many physicians about this condition. None have ever demanded I take off my clothes and put a gown on. How do I handle this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
DME is tomorrow am. Would love an answer to my followio ASAP. Thanks so much.
thank you for the reply. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

As the medical issue concerns headaches, then a gown should not be necessary unless they want you to do an MRI. So at the examination, tell the doctor that you do not want to undress and that it is not necessary, nor is it required by the court order.

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