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I fell last month outside the convention center of a resort

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I fell last month outside the convention center of a resort hotel while attending a convention. Should I enlist the aide of an attorney?

An attorney may take your case... but you don't have any lingering damage from the accident, so your damages will be limited by your medical bills. Still, it would not be unusual to collect 3 times your medical expenses, so it may be worth it.

The question that an attorney will want to know, however, is why you fell? Was there some negligence in the maintenance of the sidewalk, or did you just fall?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
There was a decorative design in the cement that dipped leaving a lip to trip on. I was out of commission for almost two weeks and had a wonderful black eye with lingering aches and pains. I did not seek further medical assistance, though my body says I should have. Thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could've been but I definitely need the bills paid.
I see. Well if there was a dip in the concrete, you can most likely collect. If you went to the ER via EMS, you probably have fairly substantial medical bills. You can most likely get an attorney to take your case- I can't tell you exactly what another attorney will do of course, but if someone came into my office with those facts, I would take it... so I have to assume others would do the same.
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