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My wife was driving yesterday back to work after lunch (without

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My wife was driving yesterday back to work after lunch (without license). I have full coverage. A 14 year old kid ran right into the car, damaging both the windshield and denting the frame. Police arrived and stated that they found my wife not responsible for the accident. We had a witness say that the boy was not looking. Out of concern we ask the cops if there was anyway we could figure out if the boy was ok. They stated more than likely not due to hippa regulations but they would be surprised if he had a broken bones. Unfortunately, with my wife not having a license and having my permission to drive. What should I expect. We already have a $500 ticket.

If the accident was clearly the fault of the minor, the ticket should be the end of it. Even if you wife was unlicensed, that doesn't make her liable for injuries that were not caused by her.

As for the damage to your car, you would have to pursue the minor's parents and their insurance. However, since your wife should not have even been on the road, it is almost guaranteed that the insurance company is going to deny the claim. You could still recover for the cost, but you will almost certainly have to sue to do so.

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