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Is there any indication SSDI rules may change regarding unearned

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Is there any indication SSDI rules may change regarding unearned income in the future and if so would the people currently on it be grandfathered. I know there is no way to know this for sure, I am just asking for your opinion on if this is a possibility. Thanks!

No, I haven't heard of any ongoing policy proposals that would change the unearned income provisions. If there was a change though, you would almost have to grandfather the old cases.

Just by way of explanation, SSDI is not a welfare program. It is disability insurance you pay for. When you become disabled, you get the benefits you have paid for. That is why assets are not an issue. With SSI, it is a welfare program, it is the same thing, except for people who did not pay into the system. If you are on SSDI, you paid in enough for coverage. To change this, the whole system would have to be overhauled.

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