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JPEsq, Attorney
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I have a family member on SSDI for a psychiatric diagnosis

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I have a family member on SSDI for a psychiatric diagnosis and she has a payee. She has mineral rights in a small amount of land that is getting ready to be leased for oil and gas. This would amount to around $6000 for the signing bonus. Would this unearned income effect her ssdi. Also, if they were to drill and find oil would the oil royalty effect her SSDI. I don't think the money would be nearly enough to live she cannot put her disability payments in jeapordy due to her extensive medical bills. Advice would be appreciated.

Unearned income should not effect SSDI payments. She should disclose it to the SSA, but it will not effect her benefits. SSDI benefits are not asset dependent, only SSI benefits are. Based on what you have told me, I don't see any problem here.

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