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My wife had major abdominal surgery last Nov. Was discharged

Resolved Question:

My wife had major abdominal surgery last Nov. Was discharged from the hospital after 10 days and was supposed to start home care the next day. No one showed up so I called them and got a ansewering machine. The next morning the health care called and said they would send a nurse right away. No one showed up or called back. The next morning I called the doctor who assigned them to me and she said she contacted them and they would be right out. No one showed up or called and the following day my wife became septic and was rushed to the hospital with no readable blood pressure or pulse. She was in ICU for a week plus four more weeks in the hospital and is just finishing up five weeks in rehab learning how to walk again. Do I have a cause of action based on negligence?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Attorney_Joseph replied 5 years ago.

You might very well have a viable case here. For there to be a legitimate cause of action, you would need to establish that the lack of a nurse in the home caused, or contributed to, your wife becoming septic. If a link could be established, there would certainly be a good chance for recovery.


The only way to fully evaluate your wife's case would be to sit down with an attorney to discuss all the facts of the case. In turn, the attorney would likely consult with a doctor with which he is associated to discuss the medical issues. If you are interested in meeting with an attorney, you might begin with your state bar association. The Michigan State Bar has a website, it is located at


I do not know your county of residence but your county bar association likely has a similar site that will be more specific to your location. A quick Google search will locate the appropriate bar association. For example, you might search "allegan county bar association".


Additionally, Martindale Hubbell is a national organization that rates attorneys across the country. Their website is located at


Another nationwide website is located at This site lists attorneys by geographic location and area of practice.


Each of these resources will have a wealth of information as to attorneys in your area that handle such cases. I would suggest you check each site out and you will surely find a great number of attorneys that meet your needs. Pick a few to meet with in person so that you can thoroughly explain your situation and then retain the one that you feel can best represent your interests.


I would not worry too much about fees just yet. As you may know, these sort of cases are typically taken on a contingency fee basis, meaning the attorney only gets paid if you get paid.


Please let me know if anything requires clarification.


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