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my child was injured on the school playground during school

Resolved Question:

my child was injured on the school playground during school hours. She went to the health office and they put a bandage on her knee and sent her back to class where her injury continued to bleed and then she had to take the bus home with her backpack and violin as the wound continued to gush...when she came home on the bus I immediately took her to urgent care and she got 6 stiches. Was the school negligent for not calling me and then sending her on a bus with her things that made it more painful and perhaps made the wound worse?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Law Girl replied 6 years ago.

Law Girl :

It sounds like the school definitely did not provide the care that hopefully you could expect from the health department, especially if a nurse was on duty. However, in order to take action against them legally, you will have to prove that due to their negligence in not taking action earlier, your daughter's wound became worse or that your daughter suffered legally compensable damages. This may be difficult to prove because in situation like this, chances are your daughter would have required stitches regardless and as long as her injury was discovered in enough time for her to receive stitches, there may not be a lot that can be done.

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