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Steinlaw, Attorney
Category: Personal Injury Law
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What is the average $ payout in Work Comp Claim involving back injuries in Georgia

Customer Question

My husband was involved in a car accident while working. He was a passanger in a company vehicle. An employee of the company was driving the vehicle and pulled out infront of oncoming traffic. My husband was the only one injured. He broke his back. The accident happend in Nijmegen Holland. He was operated on and the surgeons installed 2 rods and 8 pins to support his back. While in the hospital there he contracted staph infection which was found to be on the inplants that were installed. He had to undergo 2 more surgeries when he got back to the states to remove the infective/dead tissue and clean out the wound. It has now been a year from then and the Dr is having the rods/pins removed. This will have been his 4th surgery. He has limited movement in his back. He has been out of work since 08/21/2007. He has been recieving the max workman's comp allows which is $500 per week and thankfully we have a disability policy that helps with part of his lossed income.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Personal Injury Law
Expert:  Steinlaw replied 9 years ago.
You are asking a difficult, if not impossible, question. There is no "average settlement." The settlement consists of three factors:

1. Wage loss (just figure out how much income he has lost);
2. Medical bills (add them up) and future medical bills (add them up); and
3. Pain and suffering.

The last one is the trick. It involves a variety of factors. What activities did he do before that he can no longer do? How has it affected his life? What new job training does he need? There are a ton of factors involved.

You should talk to an attorney. This is a very serious case and has substantial value. You need someone experienced to tell you what your husband's case is worth.

Good luck.