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DrRussMd, Board certified general medicine
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  Treat babies to elderly with medical and integrative therapies; all situations; innovative treatment
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I have a 5 month old baby who is on 3rd day with no stool

Customer Question

i have a 5 month old baby who is on 3rd day with no stool usually has 1-2 per day started on rice cereal this week on monday and he seemed to like it have not given any today or yesterday he is miserable and crying puls legs up a and i have to hold him and pat on buttocks and lower back to stop his crying This is my grandchild and i am a retired RN and worked in pediatric office for 8 years along with my other interests. when it is your grandchild you seem to hesitate more than with your on children What to do?
Submitted: 12 months ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 12 months ago.


Welcome to justanswer.

I am a double board certified US doctor and I will help you with this.

I would take the baby to be seen.

A glycerine suppository might relieve this, if not, there might be a more severe problem.

I would not start cereal in a 5 month old unless there was a problem with milk feeding.

If breast feeding, I would go back to that only for another month.

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Customer: replied 12 months ago.
It took so long to get an answer that I gave him an infant glycerin suppository and it worked.He did not have a hard stool but it was firmer than his usual He was just seen by his pediatrician on Wednesday and she told my son to start the cereal. My time at pediatric clinic was to start food at 6 months.
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 12 months ago.


You question did not come up on my screen until one our two minutes before you received my response.

I have no control over that; that is a site issue.

Perhaps no one in the pediatrics category took it....not sure.

Anyway, happy that worked out.

If you give me a positive rating [hopefully a 5], I will be paid by just answer.

You can, in fact, save time and find me by request in medical for fast, accurate and comprehensive answers.

Any day of the week.

Good luck.

Take care.


Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I think your expert got a 5 out of five I however sent your company an email yesterday that asked you to discontinue my membership and credit my account. Please make sure this is done. It took 21/2!hours to get a response. By then I had to proceed to what I thought was right. I gave glycerine suppository which worked. Because I did not get an answer in a appropriate time limit I am disappointed in this service and will not use again
Expert:  DrRussMd replied 11 months ago.


You are still talking with the effort.

I had nothing to do with the site delay.

Sorry about that. Now, and then, I answer quickly.

There is no rating.

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Customer service is who you want to talk with about the other issues.