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My daughter just turned 10 years old and this past week she

Customer Question

My daughter just turned 10 years old and this past week she was complaining of stomach ache and back cramps and then she told me she saw a bit of blood when she cleaned her self in the bathroom. I think its her period. should i take her to her doctor to get checked or no. she has already pubic hair as well since last year
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr Mike - NYPediatrics replied 2 years ago.

Hi, this is Dr Celotti and I will try to help you out with this. I am assuming it was vaginal bleeding that was seen by your daughter. Normal puberty ranges for girls vary by ethnicity, but on average the first signs of puberty usually are between 9-12 years of age. Menarche, or periods, will start on average 2-2.5 years after the first signs. So from your history, it sounds like she is in the early normal stage. So based on all this info, this certainly could be the onset of her periods and nothing needs to be done at this time but patiently waiting.

However, if she is having bleeding that seems abnormal or worrisome to her or yourself, it would be worthwhile getting her seen in the office. Looking at her growth chart and the rest of her exam would be important to make sure she is developing appropriately. The first 1-2 years of menstruation can be very unpredictable and she may not have any further bleeding for months. On the other hand, she may have spotting off and on for a few weeks. This usually occurs as her body's hormones are trying to balance themselves out.

It is good to keep an open dialogue with her that way if she has questions or concerns, she will go to you first. It can be a scary time for young women as they don't know what to expect. Here is a link to a good webpage as well:

I hope this helps!

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
do you think the pain she was having was just part of her starting on her period? and i have been giving her ibuprofen , is that ok?
Expert:  Dr Mike - NYPediatrics replied 2 years ago.
it does sound like that pain is consistent with the onset of her period. Once again I would confirm that the bleeding was vaginal, and not in the urine. That could indicate a totally different issue. I would recommend starting with Tylenol instead of ibuprofen as that can sometimes cause abdominal pain when used frequently. It can be used sporadically however.