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I have a grandson that is 27 months old. When he was born

Customer Question

I have a grandson that is 27 months old. When he was born his testicles appeared large and swollen (I understand this is normal). Shortly after he was born, his testicles seem to flatten and are not defined (meaning you can't really see two defined testicles).
My daughter is a teen mother and uncomfortable asking a lot of questions, but I do go with her to his check-ups and did ask. The doctor felt around and said he feels them and everything is fine. (That was when he was around 6 months). I thought maybe the baby
fat (he was chubby) just covered it all up, but since he has been walking he of course thinned out and I still don't see them or at least not defined. That whole area appears rather flat, but his penis appears very normal (erections at times)--scared my daughter
too death the first time he woke up like that! We are helping her raise her son and she is going to start college soon, and just want some peace of mind for both her and me! I wish there were pictures that we could view as to what is normal, but I have a feeling
I will not find those on the internet for obvious reasons. Please help!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr Mike - NYPediatrics replied 2 years ago.

Hi there, you have very good questions regarding this; I hope I can help you out. First off, it is encouraging to hear that his pediatrician has felt them on his exams in the past. This is important- one thing you wouldn't want to miss here is what's called an undescended testicle. He most likely had what's called a hydrocele; this is where fluid collects in the layers of the testicle at birth, making them appear very large; this usually resolves on its own by 1 year.

Now, at this time, the fluid has resorbed, and the normal, smaller testes are left behind. Add this to the fact that toddlers have a strong cremasteric muscle (the muscle that pulls the testicles upwards) and the scrotum can appear flattened or "empty." The important thing that should be checked at his exams is that his testicles are still able to be felt, even if they are a little higher in the area above the scrotum. If he is running around and playing, doesn't seem bothered by it, and there isn't redness or swelling, then it sounds very appropriate. Just be sure to bring it up at his next visit so he can be rechecked. I hope this helps and I wish your daughter good luck with college! She should be praised for sticking with it!

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thanks so much!
Expert:  Dr Mike - NYPediatrics replied 2 years ago.
Anytime! Good luck!

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