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Dr Uzair
Dr Uzair, Doctor (non-pediatrics specialty)
Category: Pediatrics
Satisfied Customers: 7684
Experience:  MBBS. FCPS (R) General Surgery and Traumatology.5 years experience in Emergency Medicine.
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My toddler ate a all amount of moldy jelly on her bread, a

Customer Question

My toddler ate a all amount of moldy jelly on her bread, a few days ago. She has had symptoms of the stomach flu. Could a little amount of moldy jelly do this or could it be a stomach flu ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr Uzair replied 2 years ago.

Hi and thanks for the query.

Having mold on top of the bread means that there is mold in the bread and on it that is not visible or might be the of a color easily camouflaged by the color of the bread. Yes, a bad or moldy slice of bread can cause gastroenteritis and stomach upsets. Stomach flu is caused by viruses in children as a rule but other forms of stomach flu are also common in children and the etiology of these are bacterial and fungal. So, if your daughter has had symptoms of the stomach flu it is most likely due to the bread she ate since a bad slice of bread can harbor mold and bacteria.

The illness is self limiting and once the body has expelled the causative agents out, the stomach flu subsides, diarrhea and vomiting during the stomach flu are sort of protective mechanisms that expel the irritant, causative agent out of the body. The best management during this time is good hydration to avoid the dehydration and electrolyte imbalance that the stomach flu can cause, if she still has vomiting or diarrhea, I suggest you keep her hydrated using Pedialyte which will provide her with adequate hydration and replenish lost electrolyte stores as well.

Hope this helps.
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