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Could my 9 year old daughter have mono? She had a positive

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Could my 9 year old daughter have mono? She had a positive monospot in the docs office but the blood work came back Igm - negative.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
She has had 7 days of fever around 101F and coughing. Very tired no other complaints.
This is Dr. David
monospot is a screening test.
if the blood test for ebstein barr virus IgM is negative, then most likely not mono.
her symptoms don't sound like mono either with fever and coughing.
it sounds like she more likely has viral or bacterial bronchitis. or whooping cough (pertussis)
she should have a sputum culture and nasopharyngeal specimen culture and PCR test to check for pertussis to see if that is what is causing her fever and cough.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Still wondering if this could be mono?Still has daily fevers around 101F, climbs in afternoon to above 102F. Occasionally given fever reducing meds when feels really bad. Very fatigued. Coughing. Dry cough sometimes like a bark. No sore throat. No neck pain. No trouble breathing.Day 5 - Office visit. Mono spot positive and blood drawn. EBV blood panel all negative IGm and IGg negative. CVM negative.
CBC pretty normal nurse said, white blood cells on low side. Liver enzyme a hair low - nurse said it doesn't mean anything.
Lungs clear. Oxygen saturation level normal.
Day 8 - Office visit. Lungs still clear. No enlarged spleen. No additional testing done. Doc still thinks mono.
Day 9 - Rash or hives stomach, back, legs, neck and face. Benadryl given. Hives subside. Vomits overnight. Hives come back but go on their own.
Day 10 - hives.
Day 11 - fever continues today
if the doctor there thinks mono, then most likely mono
I can't see your daughter or examine her.
so I would trust more her doctor's evaluation.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Just FYI took her back to office different doctor. What ever it was turned into pneumonia and ear infections. So I think you were right when you said doesn't sound like mono. Thank you.
you are welcome
I hope she gets better.
I hope she is on antibitoics.