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My 2.5 year old child started having a low grade fever

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My 2.5 year old child started having a low grade fever (between 99.5-100.9 measured by an aural thermometer) last Thursday night. He also started having a (mostly) night time cough. He seemed a little The fever broke on Monday morning, so we took him into daycare. They called saying he had hives all over his body at 11 am. He was developing large red plaques all over his body, including his hands, bottom, legs, trunk, back,and face. Our pediatrician's group diagnosed him with probable chicken pox (he was vax'ed at his 2 year visit). However, while his rash continued to grow, no blisters formed. Wed am, we took him back in, and they diagnosed probably roseola (even though he was sans high fever). i asked about his cough then, and they said it sounded upper respiratory, and was likely related to the rash.
Last night, his cough was pretty bad. It sounds a little wet. It woke him up several times during the night last night. We kept him home today and he was pretty cranky. If I asked him if he hurt, sometimes he said yes, and when I said where, he'd pat his head. If I asked him directly if his head hurt, he said no.
Tonight, he freaked out when my husband went to wash his hair in the bath. He said he hurt (and patted his head), but denies that his "head hurts" However, he has a fever of 100.3-100.5 again.
Thank you for your question.
I am Dr. Su S. and I will try my best to help you.
Did he have any test?
How is the rash now?
Does he have any rash in the face, inside mouth, soles, palms?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They did run a rapid stress test at my request (came back negative). The rash is almost completely faded. He did have rash on his face but not inside his mouth or any that I saw on the palm of the hands or soles of the feet.

Hi Amy,
Thank you for all the inputs.
Several viral infections can cause fever with rash.
There can be atypical presentation too.
As he was vaccinated & there is no vesicle, chicken pox is unlikely.
Roseola is a possibility.
However, the rise of temperature again, cough, headache needs further evaluation.
Small children may not describe their symptom properly.
There can be generalized pain, malaise.
So he may feel pain when hands were put on head.
There can be secondary bacterial infection in the post viral period.
Other viral infections like parvovirus can cause rash in face & other parts of the body.
I would advise to take him to doctor again.
A few tests can be ta***** *****ke blood count, repeat strep test, chest X ray, if doctor feels necessary.
Please keep him at rest & hydrated.
My goal is to provide you with excellent service here. If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know – it’s been a pleasure working with you and I hope to assist you again soon!
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This will help me to explain further & satisfy you.
Wish his healthy life.
Warm Regards.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I also recognize that a "returned fever" could also be a secondary infection that set in during the other illness and the two may not be related. However, with the return of fever and coughing, would that be considered an emergency visit (i.e. I should insist on them seeing me tomorrow) or is it advisable to wait until early next week? The practice of that group has mostly seemed to be "watchful waiting" when it comes to kids and illnesses unless it was something directly observable (e.g. ear infection).
I found a picture of the rash from yesterday, if that helps elucidate things.

From the picture, it sounds like a generalized maculopapular rash.
Several disease conditions can cause such rash.
Its precise nature needs to be determined taking into count with other symptoms, signs, tests.
I would suggest to get him examined tomorrow without waiting.
Dr. Su S. and other Pediatrics Specialists are ready to help you