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My 11 day old Grandson is constipated he has not had a bowel

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My 11 day old Grandson is constipated he has not had a bowel movement for 24 hours and it is obvious he is uncomfortable is there anything that I can do to help him he is on formula
Thank you for your question.
I am Dr. Su S. and I will try my best to help you.
What are his symptoms?
Is there any abdominal distension?
Does he pass gas?
How is feeding?
Does he take breast milk too?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

His last bowel movement was very hard

He is passing gas

His tummy is not hard it seems ok

He just keeps pushing like he is trying to go

His mom was trying to breast feed him but she does not have a lot of milk so he just gets breast milk when she can pump enough it was the day before yesterday when he had some

He is not crying

I promised my daughter I would make sure he was ok so I am asking but I think he is ok

Thank you for all the input.
Passing of stool every 3-5 days in a baby can be normal.
Some baby can pass stool once a week without any problem.
As long as baby is passing gas, no abdominal distension, no need to worry.
Sometimes, in formula feeding, baby can be dehydrated, which leads to constipation.
For first few days breast milk can be less. But if the baby sucks in breast directly, more milk will be produced to meet the demand.
Tell your daughter to try on breast more.
You can wait to see whether he passes stool spontaneously.
Otherwise, you can give glycerin suppository for easy passage of stool.
If you notice that the baby is pushing very hard or have pain, distension of abdomen then check with doctor to exclude any organic cause.
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Wish his healthy life.
Warm Regards.
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