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My daughter is 8 and was diagnosed with Iron deficiency

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Hello, My daughter is 8 and was diagnosed with Iron deficiency anemia last October. We know that she was anemic longer than that. She has been on iron supplement and eating very healthy. She has food allergies to cow's milk protein, peanuts and all tree nuts. She is on Iron Smart liquid and it raised her Hmg from 63 to 124 and her ferritin level from 1 to 11. She is still very tired and is now having shortness of breath and with swimming she is having rapid heart palpitations. She is also very thin. She is 133cm tall and weighs only 24.6 kgs. She has only gained about 1 kg over the last 9 months. What do you think is going on? Why is she not gaining weight?
Thank you for your question.
I am Dr. Su S. and I will try my best to help you.
When did she have last tests?
Did she have any heart examination or tests like EKG, Echo?
How is her food intake?
Does she take meat product?
How is stool/ urine?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Her last blood test was 2 weeks ago as well as her occult fecal blood. She has not had and ekg or an echo done. Her food intake is very good. She eats all the time. She eats meat. Loves it. It is a main food for her. We eat hormone free, grass fed beef, chicken and turkey. Also a lot of fish. Her stool has only been tested for blood. Otherwise it is normal. She has one to two bowel movements a day. No diarreah or constipation. Her urine has not been tested.

Hello Julie,
Thank you for all the input.
In swimming more calorie consumption occurs.
As she is having allergy to many foods, there can be less calorie intake according to her need, so she is not gaining weight properly.
In anemia, there can be less weight gain, tiredness, shortness of breath.
She has improved, with further increase in hemoglobin, ferritin her symptoms will disappear.
You can make an appointment with a dietitian to check whether her calorie intake is appropriate.
She can also have an evaluation for he heart.
You need to discuss it with her doctor.
Doctor can advise ECG.
If it is required, then echocardiography can be taken to assess the heart status.
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Wish her healthy life.
Warm Regards.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your answer. It is exactly what my Doctor is going to do in the next few weeks. I am writing down what her food intake is and he is going to show it to the dietician and he is going to arrange a stress test and have her to a lung test. It is hard to see her so tired and sickly. What i really want to know is if she might have a blood disorder and if we should take her to see a hemotologist at Children"s hospital. My GP thinks there is something else going on. I am getting two conflicting answers. GP seems to be very concerned but the Pediatrician is going slowly. We do not no what to do.

Though her ferritin level has improved, still it is in the lower range of normal. It should increase a bit more.
We can wait till the stool report is ready to rule out one cause of anemia or low iron level.
The other tests should be taken one after another step-wise till we find out the precise cause of anemia.
In blood picture, if there is abnormal cells or any other clue then doctor can refer to hematologist now.
I think they did not find any such issue now.
Appointment with the hematologist can be done later if the other tests does not show any clue.
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