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Child age 4 who had MRSA in the past as an infant and needed

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Child age 4 who had MRSA in the past as an infant and needed surgery on leg at age 2 was exposed to fresh lake water in Florida where the temps have been record breaking. With the ameba scare and deaths is he more prone to getting infection. Child told me today he wore his goggles while swimming "with mommy." My son has shared custody. We were appalled she would let him swim in warm water in light of the risk. Should we take him to dr? He's had a really bad stuffy nose since returning and no other symptoms yet.
We're fearful.
doc4kids : Hello. How can I help? If you are available for a chat, we can discuss your concern in real time. Otherwise, I can just leave you a reply.
doc4kids : I appreciate your concern but there is, sadly, much fear out there but very little threat. You can inquire with the local Florida health department to see if such infection has been reported in the specific body of water where he was swimming. Even with the risk factors you describe, his current symp***** *****st is not consistent with amebiasis.
doc4kids : Certainly if he begins to develop fever, headache, alteration of mental status, difficulty waking from sleep, it would be concerning. The presentation would not be subtle. There are many, many organisms in our environment that, if they got past our body defenses, could be a problem but we are pretty good about keeping them out. The hyped scare is much bigger than the real risk.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We've had record temps in FL.

My husband's coworker had 11 yr old son who died from amoeba infection. Family later on tv show Mystery Diagnosis to warn other families. This 4 yr old is gettin dunked in the water, wears goggles and has history of MERSA.

MRSA is common and does not increase his chances of getting amebiasis. His normal immune defenses are not suspect in light of his history of the staph infection. I am sorry to hear of your husband's coworker's son's death. That is tragic. I agree that a physician would have to consider this if a child presents to his office or the emergency room with symptoms (as described above) of meningoencephalitis and has had such fresh water exposures but the exposure alone should not prompt a work up or significant concern for this, still scary, but rare disease.
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