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doc4kids, Pediatrician
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Dear Doctor, My kid (33 months) is having constipation, she

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Dear Doctor,
My kid (33 months) is having constipation, she is taking time (30 minuets to one hour) to poop, Stool is hard and small (less quantity), what should we do ? but suddenly she reduced fluid intake as well, Please suggest.
doc4kids : Hello. How can I help? If you are available for a chat, we can discuss your concern in real time. Otherwise, I can just leave you a reply.
doc4kids : Good question. This is a very common complaint in this age group. While I often have to explain to families the difference in just straining to stool or infrequent stooling and constipation, you seem to give the classic symptom set of what we truly consider "constipation." This is classically, as you describe, small, hard stools that are difficult to pass. The gentlest way to begin is with the introduction of fruit juice. Specifically adding pear, peach or prune juice is simple and they contain sugars that are not well absorbed, drawing water back into the colon, softening the stool.
doc4kids : If this is not successful or your child won't take these juices you can safely use miralax or similar. They are tasteless powders that can be dissolved in any liquid to soften the stool. Typically, we start with a single daily dose but this can be increased until you are achieving daily, toothpaste consistency stool. Cutting back is necessary if you end up with diarrhea. If necessary, glycerin suppositories can be used. It is best to use these though sparingly.
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