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Dr. A. Clark
Dr. A. Clark, Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  33 years of experience as a general pediatrician in private practice and in pediatric urgent care.
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My son is 23 months old. He developed hives mostly in the

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Hi-My son is 23 months old. He developed hives mostly in the diaper area yesterday afternoon for the first time. They went away within an hour of him being awake. This morning, same thing but also hives on bilateral legs. He has not been exposed to anything new that is known. I washed everything and gave him a bath this morning. In the bath his butt and legs became reddened and he developed hives again. He just awoke from a nap again and has hives on his legs, back, butt and a few by his face. I can tell they are already disappearing and he's been awake 30 mins. They don't seem to bother him, he is not having facial swelling or difficulty breathing. What could be causing this??
Dr. A. Clark :

I'm happy that you have asked me to assist you with your child and hope that you can benefit from my many years of helping parents like you.

Dr. A. Clark :

Hi. This is very common this time of year and is due to a viral infection which is why it really isn't bothering him.

Dr. A. Clark :

If he is uncomfortable or itching you can give him Benadryl but otherwise I wouldn't worry at all and he's not contagious.

Dr. A. Clark :

The rash is always brought out by heat so a bath, the sun and sleeping bundled up will always make it show up but again, it is not harmful at all.

Customer: Is that common that it only seems to happen when he is warm? (Napping , bathing)
Dr. A. Clark :

Yes (see above).

Customer: Sorry I didn't see that last response
Dr. A. Clark :

This is a rash due to blood flowing to the skin and the warmer he is the more it shows up.

Customer: Ok how long does this normally last?
Dr. A. Clark :

It is quite common and as with most viral infections the rash is the end of the illness even though he didn't really have any other symptoms before or now.

Dr. A. Clark :

He may have it off and on for another 3-4 days but is not contagious.

Customer: I am just paranoid of him developing severe hives overnight and having trouble breathing. Is that something I would need to be concerned about with this virus?
Dr. A. Clark :

This time of year we see lots of viral rashes, including roseola, hand-foot and mouth disease, etc.

Dr. A. Clark :

That won't happen as he would already be itching terribly and perhaps wheezing if it were allergic.

Customer: Ok if this lasts longer than a few more days should we follow up with our pediatrician then?
Dr. A. Clark :

Sure, but it will be gone soon and you need not worry.

Customer: Ok thank you very much
Dr. A. Clark :

You are quite welcome. Have a nice weekend.

Customer: You too
Dr. A. Clark :


Dr. A. Clark :

As you exit chat I hope you will take the opportunity to rate my advice. Thanks.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What dose of children's Benadryl can I give? It is 12.5mg per 5mL. He is almost 2. Weighs about 27 pounds
Here is our website with several instruction/dose charts on it, including benadryl: