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I'm 15 and yesterday i got sunburned at the beach. The burns

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I'm 15 and yesterday i got sunburned at the beach. The burns are mild and dont hurt that much, but my nose, back of legs, shoulders, and a little bit on my stomach is burnt. I have a vomiting phobia so im really worried that this will cause sun poisoning and make me vomit, would symptoms have showed already and does sun poisoming typically cause vomiting? Also, would my case of sunburn typically cause sun poisoning?
PediatricMD :

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PediatricMD :

Sun burn would not cause vomiting,

PediatricMD :

This is NOT a case of poisoning, so need to worry about vomiting

PediatricMD :

Home treatment measures may provide some relief from a mild sunburn.

  • Use cool cloths on sunburned areas.

  • Take frequent cool showers or baths.

  • Apply soothing lotions that contain aloe vera to sunburned areas. Topical steroids (such as 1% hydrocortisone cream) may also help with sunburnpain and swelling.

Customer: Why do some people get sun poisoning? I read on the internet that having sunburn in large areas of your
Customer: body could cause vomiting which of course scared me to death /:
PediatricMD :

Sun poisoning is your skin’s allergic reaction to being overexposed to the sun or the rays from tanning beds. In layman’s terms it is a severe type of sunburn. It is also called sun allergy. The medical terminology is Photodermatitis. People who are more susceptible to sun poisoning are the ones whose skin has low melanin content, which is the substance that give your hair and skin its color.

PediatricMD :

You do not have sun poisoning, and do not need to worry about vomiting

Customer: Okay, i am white with blonde hair but my sunburn isnt too bad, the redness went down today too
PediatricMD :


PediatricMD :

No need to get worried about vomiting :)

Customer: Thank you, ***** ***** a lot (:
PediatricMD :

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Customer: Oh also before i forget, how long after sunburn/sun exposure do symptoms of sun poisoning typically
Customer: show?
PediatricMD :

The time frame is the same as for sun burn ... within a few hours

PediatricMD :

Is there anything else that I can help you with ?

Customer: No, thank you very much! (:
PediatricMD :

Take care, and get well soon

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