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Dr. A. Clark
Dr. A. Clark, Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  33 years of experience as a general pediatrician in private practice and in pediatric urgent care.
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Elevated ck levels in a 16 month old girl?

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elevated ck levels in a 16 month old girl?
Dr. A. Clark :

Hi. I'm Dr. Clark and I'm happy that you have asked me to assist you with your child and hope that you can benefit from my many years of helping parents like you.

Customer: Thank you. I hope so too.
Dr. A. Clark :

Why was the blood test done?

Dr. A. Clark :

That is not a test normally done on children.

Customer: She is 16 months old and has little interest in standing and walking. Her legs do not have a lot of strength and does not like to stand if we try to get her to. Family doctor was concerned she hadn't progressed a lot since her 12 month visit to her 15 month visit so referred to Pediatrician who referred us to a physiotherapist and did bloodwork for CPK levels, general hemoglobin and Vit D
Dr. A. Clark :

What was the level?

Customer: We just got a call saying her muscle enzymes were elevated (just a receptionist who called) and they wanted to see us back in a couple weeks. Initially, they only wanted to see us in 6 months so now I'm freaking out!
Customer: no more information given as to exact levels or anything
Dr. A. Clark :

This is a muscle enzyme that can be elevated in muscle diseases but is also elevated when a muscle has been injured, as with a bruise.

Customer: can elevated levels be normal in a child this age? She hasn't been sick or had any injury as far as we know...
Dr. A. Clark :

It can be a sign of muscle diseases that cause damage to muscle tissue releasing the enzymes (CK) inside.

Customer: i'm assuming they will want to repeat the test and then discuss next steps but I fear what those next steps are!!
Customer: is my time done?
Dr. A. Clark :

No, I'm here for as long as you need me.

Customer: not sure how this thing works! lol! wasn't even sure it was legit to be honest, but I'm glad that
Customer: it seems to be credible. Thank you...
Customer: is it just a $38 flat right for this one question?
Dr. A. Clark :

This website allows you to chat with an expert for as long as it takes to answer all of your questions. I'm not sure how the price is set.

Dr. A. Clark :

Muscular dystrophy is a disease of males since it is linked to the x chromosome. There are other muscle diseases that can affect girls but I have to say that drawing blood is not the first thing I do when evaluating children with developmental issues.

Customer: oh really? I was surprised as well. I suspected a referral to physio but not the bloodwork
Dr. A. Clark :

I would simply refer her to a PT or OT for a developmental evaluation and then just watch for a bit.

Customer: it is purely gross motor, her development in all other areas is where it should be.
Dr. A. Clark :

There are lots of kids her age not standing or walking who are completely normal.

Customer: I'm actually an OT myself! I work in Mental Health though...
Customer: Yes, I know, that's all I thought too... My son was 16.5 months before he started walking so I wasn't too concerned - I never once thought it could be a muscular issue
Dr. A. Clark :

It likely isn't so I'm not sure I'd be too concerned. The issue with doing random tests is that if one is abnormal, even slightly, then you have to do more tests to explain or verify it.

Customer: maybe he was just being thorough, trying to cover all bases? who knows!
Customer: well that make sense but it certainly creates a lot of stress and fear!
Dr. A. Clark :

Maybe, but that is not a substitute for a good history and physical exam as well as developmental testing.

Dr. A. Clark :

If you can get the results please let me know.

Customer: would PT be the best bet for a physical evaluation then?
Dr. A. Clark :

Probably so.

Customer: ok, well she is coming to our home on Monday so I'm looking forward to what she thinks.
Dr. A. Clark :


Customer: I'm going to call the Doctor's office Monday to find out more detail although I feel as though I'm already being
Customer: a bit of a pest!
Dr. A. Clark :

Not at all. Having an assistant call you and scare you like that is pretty thoughtless in my opinion.

Customer: well ya, especially when I know quite a bit about this stuff already so I knew what elevated enzymes could mean...then come back and see us in 3 weeks - GRR!
Dr. A. Clark :

Call the office and find out the level and let me know.

Customer: Yes, I will be persistant and get more information to hopefully let my mind rest. thank you for your help this evening, you've eased my mind a little...
Dr. A. Clark :

After you leave chat you can go ahead and rate my answer but I'll immediately send you a message to respond to when you find out the results.

Customer: Thanks so much Dr. Clark, I appreciate your help.
Customer: Have a nice evening :)
Dr. A. Clark :

You are quite welcome and you too

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