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My daughter is 9 years old and she wants to know everything

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my daughter is 9 years old and she wants to know everything about the sperm and the penis. Are there any websites I can visit in order to show her/ explain her?
thank you
Hi there I started to post a little while ago and then for some reason lost what I had....sorry you have been waiting so long as your question posted to parenting first and then bounced over to pediatrics. This is a very common age to start to get interested in sex and the differences between the sexes. She may be starting to go through puberty, usually the first signs in girl is in breast development. Here is a page I found for you with simplified diagrams. Real pictures at 9 is a bit much just because she may be more intimidated by them than by diagrams or think they are gross....they are also easier for you to show to her and not get embarrassed. The more she learns now about sex and the more open you are with her in talking about her thoughts or worries, the less likely she is to have an untoward experience when she is older.
I read through this and the diagrams are at the end, but I like the way you are encouraged to talk about lots of other things as well.
I have seen this woman speak on Oprah (sick days and maternity leaves :)) and she is good.
Let me know if you are looking for something different and kudos to you for tackling this topic early on!
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


my daughter was asking me all about the sperm- how it comes, what substance is etc... we recently watched 3d videos about the baby in all the stages/ weeks of development/ . I was hoping that there is a video for that as well...

Let me look into it for you and I'll get back to you in a few hrs if that is ok diana? I am about to take my kids out to the pool but will look for something good for you!
Here is a pictogram/with some good wording for a 9 year old....
Here is a video that is again depicted and narrated with a nice neutral voice over
Hope this is what you are looking for. Take care!
Dr. Navitsky and other Pediatrics Specialists are ready to help you