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my baby 3 and a half year old have fever 38 degree thirteen

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my baby 3 and a half year old have fever 38 degree thirteen days before, and a little cough .having syrup panadol there is no fever then .one day later having fever again and cough doctor having antibiotic for four days ,no improvement and having fever and cough with green sputum. cough freguently during doctor again and changing antibiotic and doctor says her lung capability is not good .having drug and cough not frequent and sputum changing to yellow and then white after six days but each day having fever 1 or 2 degree higher up to now the thirteen days .today consulting pediatrics and doctor says her lung capability is not good ,giving her medicine and have x-ray tomorrow .now I am thinking at home. would my child inhale too much 75 % alcohol at home . because I spray the alcohol to clean the ground every day for fifteen minute ,she play or watching tv when I am cleaning the ground due to its easy evaporation .5 days per week like this
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Your daughter is having signs of infection. A complete blood count and a chest xray may be done for evaluation. The color of sputum indicates a probable bacterial infection. She may need a good antibiotic like Augmentin.

Regarding your other query about alcohol inhalation, alcohol does not damage lungs. So you need not worry about it.

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