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Dr. Gupta
Dr. Gupta, Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
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Experience:  MD, practicing Pediatrician with 19 years of experience. Member American Academy of Pediatrics.
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I have a pain my stomach about two inches up from my belly

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I have a pain my stomach about two inches up from my belly button and about an inch to the left. What is that body part?
PediatricMD :

Hello & welcome to Just Answer!

If you have any questions after reading my answer, be sure to let me know.

PediatricMD :

That would be a part of the intestine which is most likely causing the problem,

PediatricMD :

If the pain is mild, then it may just be a mild infection/ inflammation or even the food disagreeing with you,

PediatricMD :

However any severe pain needs to be evaluated,

Customer: Thanks for answering my question it ended up in pediatric but it started in medical lol...
Customer: Yes pretty painful on a 1-10 scale I would give it a 6-7
PediatricMD :

Another issue could be gastritis, since a part of the stomach is at the same place too

PediatricMD :

A 6-7 pain if persistent certainly requires a medical consultation

PediatricMD :

Are there any associated symptoms ?

Customer: i have been eating a very bland diet due to inflammation in my upper chest from acid reflux
PediatricMD :

This could certainly be related to a worsening reflux

PediatricMD :

I would recommend that you get the same evaluated and take specific treatment for the same,

Customer: I saw my family dr yesterday and he wants to try a month of reflux meds
PediatricMD :

In that case, you need to tell him about this symptom,

Customer: i keep getting food stuck in my chest so I eat soup right now
PediatricMD :

In the meantime, try to take some oral antacid if possible

PediatricMD :

and go to the ER if the symptoms are severe,

Customer: how serious is pain like that
PediatricMD :

Cannot be sure without physically examining you

PediatricMD :

BUt a severe pain may require medical evaluation

Customer: I see is it ok to wait till tomorrow to tell him?
Customer: as long as it don't get no more severe I mean
PediatricMD :

If the pain is not worsening, then sure

PediatricMD :

you can wait

Customer: Great thanks so much :)
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