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doc4kids, Pediatrician
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11 month old baby vomiting has fever of 100, gave pedialyte

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11 month old baby vomiting has fever of 100, gave pedialyte but threw that up. what can I do next.
doc4kids : Hello. How can I help? If you are available for a chat, we can discuss your concern in real time. Otherwise, I can just leave you a reply.
doc4kids : I am sorry your daughter is not feeling well. Does she have other medical problems or any other acute symptoms? While 100 doesn't formally meet the American Academy of Pediatrics threshold for fever, she is undoubtedly not feeling well. Even with this small rise in temperature, she may be less willing to take her normal diet but it just needs to be offered frequently. She may be more thirsty than normal but its best not to let her have a lot at one time. Her stomach is about the size of her fist and any distension after recently throwing up is likely to cause her to throw up again. Small amounts of anything frequently is much more likely to be tolerated.
doc4kids : Oh hello

just give her less pedialyte at one time then. Try to feed normally is what Im hearing. She is thirsty. How about the temp of he pedilayte room temp.?

doc4kids : I know you said she vomited pediatlyte but please know there is nothing magic about pediatlyte. A clear liquid, it is just quickly absorbed so if she feels she wants to throw up, there is less likely to be much there. Fatty liquids, like milk or formula, by our body's design stalls out in the stomach and is, more likely, there when she feels the urge to vomit.
doc4kids : at almost 1 yr old, if she is otherwise healthy, she should have a little reserve before she becomes dehydrated. I would suggest you keep trying to provide her about 1 teaspoon of liquid every 5 minutes or so. Ad

what about temp is there another liquid I can give.

doc4kids : I'm sorry, to lower the temp you mean?

No to keep her hydrated.whats best room temp or cold.

doc4kids : Pedialyte is fine. You probably need to find one flavored. The unflavored one tastes terrible and many children her age refuse it.

I have flavored thats what Im giving. Again what about the temp of the liquid room temp.

doc4kids : Sometimes it's nice to give her something novel. In the ER we give Popsicles. Not because there is anything enriching about them specifically but they are, again, something, that children don't get at home. And frozen, it forces them to pace themselves. She would need, likely to have it chopped up and spoon fed

thanks much for the assistance.

doc4kids : The temperature is not otherwise as important as just giving the fluids. If she likes it cold, it's ok. Many kids at this age just prefer room temp.
doc4kids : Have a good day.
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