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Dr. A. Clark
Dr. A. Clark, Pediatrician
Category: Pediatrics
Satisfied Customers: 4437
Experience:  33 years of experience as a general pediatrician in private practice and in pediatric urgent care.
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For the past two months i have had a dry cough. Nothing

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For the past two months i have had a dry cough. Nothing comes up with when i cough. About 2 weeks into the cough i went to see a doctor and was told i had fluid build up in the ear and that it was probably related to allergy. I do have seasonal allergies that mostly manifest in the form of bowing my nose but i have never had a cough. Fast forward to 2 months into the cough i developed a stuffy nose with slight fever and i went back to the doctor and was told i have an ear infection in the same ear. She gave me antibiotics and im about 5 days into it and have not yet finished it. Mind you, the cough got worse when i caught the stuffy nose with fever and aches but all those went away in 3-4 days and the cough is kind of back to the way it was when i got the cold/flu. Could someone tell me what this is? Im tired of coughing.
Dr. A. Clark :

You posted your question here in the Pediatrics sections but if you don't mind a pediatrician with 33 years experience treating kids through young adults giving you advice, here is my opinion:

Dr. A. Clark :

Allergies do NOT cause a cough! Allergy symptoms range from runny and itchy nose and eyes to post-nasal drip that can make you hoarse and clear your throat a lot but cough is from the lungs, not the throat, nose or sinuses unless you either have an infection in your sinuses OR have asthma.

Dr. A. Clark :

I suspect you have undiagnosed asthma.

Dr. A. Clark :

The reason I say that is that, as with kids, chronic cough, even without wheezing and shortness of breath, often indicate bronchospasm and asthma consists of two components: bronchospasm that causes cough with or without wheezing AND inflammation in the small airways leading to mucous production.

Dr. A. Clark :

I would ask your doctor to consider asthma and give you a trial of an inhaler with albuterol to see if that helps your cough.

Dr. A. Clark :

I see you are still offline so I'll exit chat and move our discussion over to the normal Q&A mode to allow you time to return to the session. Otherwise, chat will time us out and kick us off if we are not both actively involved in the session.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I also forgot to add that 2 weeks into the cough i had what appeared to be an allergy related rash on upper arm that cleared in two days. The reason i say the rash could be allergy related is that it looked like a very bumpy bumpy goose bumps and was white. Im light skin and most rashes i have seen are red but the head of this one was white (hope you understood what im trying to say)

I think you might have had hives or what we call urticaria. This can be related to a virus or allergy so might be related to your symptoms. There is a chest infection/bronchitis we are seeing a lot of called Mycoplasma that causes a chronic cough lasting up to a couple of months in adults that sometimes has an ear infection and the rash. It responds best to azithromycin (Zithromax) or tetracycline so that is something else to ask your doctor about.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Dr. Clark,

I got a chest X-Ray done last Friday and the results came back normal. What else could be the problem.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Dr. Clark,
I got a chest X-Ray done last Friday and the results came back normal. What else could be the problem.
The chest X-ray just confirms that you don't have an underlying infection so the next step is a trial on a bronchodilator and perhaps a steroid orally.
I'm out of the country until Sunday but saw your email and wanted to respond.