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Not sure if this is a pediatrics or psychiatric question,

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Hi there. Not sure if this is a pediatrics or psychiatric question, but I have a 4.5 y/o son who, for the most part, has been potty trained for the past year (though he does still sleep in diapers). But over the past two months, he has near-daily (sometimes more than once) urine accident in his pants. And now, over just the past couple days, multiple defecations in his pants. He had two today.
So my hunch is this is stress or psychologically driven, but I'm at a loss for what the driver might be. There's been no notable disruption in his daily routine over the past several months.
Any ideas? Is it common for 4 year olds to regress in their potty training? Thanks in advance for any help.
Thanks for using Just Answer. I am Dr. SS. I will try my best to help you.This is INFORMATION only, not a substitute for doctor's visit.
How many times does he pass stool now? Is it loose stool? In there any increase in frequency of stool and urine? Does he complain of any pain in the abdomen or during urination? Is there itching in the anal area? Did he have any recent illness?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Usually BMs once per day and they are not loose, just healthy. The poop accidents have been smaller than the ones he makes it in the toilet. I did notcie some itching in the anal area yesterday and he did complain of a stomache ache tcie this week. so, yes that means constipation. I know he doesn't like to go at school, so I am guessing he held it in and then is constipated. However- he has been going to school since September and this hasn't happened before. no recent illnesses. thanks for any additional thoughts on the matter.

Thank you for the input.
Constipation is often a cause for such symptoms.
Anxiety, stress can be a factor.
There can be a problem in the school.
When he is having stomach pain, itching, you need to rule out a physical cause first.
An infection, worm can cause frequent small stool.
An urinary tract infection needs to be ruled out too.
An urine and stool analysis can be taken.
I feel you need to consult his pediatrician first.
Doctor can make initial evaluation, take tests.
If he does not find any physical issues, he can then refer for psychological evaluation.
Meanwhile, you can try to make your baby sit daily for several times, though he was well potty trained.
It can be made a daily habit to use potty after breakfast, snacks, before going out, before sleep etc.
Try to praise when the baby is using the potty.
You can give some incentives when he uses the potty, even if it is unsuccessful.
Don't rebuke but just express that it is not good when he soils.
If you have any query, please feel free to ask and continue conversation by using REPLY button.
This will help me to explain further & satisfy you.
Wish his healthy life.
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