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Babies don't cry disease

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babies don't cry disease
Hello & welcome to Just Answer!
If you have any questions after reading my answer, be sure to let me know.
Yes this can be a medical issue, related to vocal cord paralysis or similar problems in the voice box.
An opinion by your pediatrician, and a referral to a Pediatric ENT (Ear Nose Throat) specialist (otolaryngologist) is recommended in this situation,
Dr. Gupta and other Pediatrics Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear Doc

Our baby emits normal sounds ( it seems to speak ) The vocal cords seem be OK. The problem could be psycological ? as he seems does not be afected ( be insensitive to ) by the normal things ( cold, hot, hungry,durst etc ) that produce irritation and start of crying in the majority of babies or, may be, this events do not occur never in his case ( ? ) that it seems unlikely

Thanks a lot


A 3 month old child is unlikely to have psychological causes for crying. Can you explain the problem again, does he not cry, or does he not make a sound while crying? And he is 3 months old, right?

And have you noticed any other unusual behavior, like a lack of social smile, eye contact etc.?


Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Dear Doc

The baby is 3 months aged ( birth day may 6 )

He smiles normally and his facial expression is normal .Eyes position too. He cried the first days at the clinic. But now it seems to be "exceptionally happy " as since several weeks ago he has not cried again.

May be he has not external reason to do. The question is : does exist a disease that could be more a less related to this " good behaviour" ?

( I apologize for my english but my mother tongue is catalan )

Thanks again

Luis de Torres biologist

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The child is born on may 6 He creied often at the clinic

He smiles normaly and their eyes are in normal position.

Just it happens that he now does not cry in any moment It seems to be happy ALWAYS. May be he has no external reason to cry but we think that it seems to be some unusual.

Thanks again

I apologize for my english. Catalan is my mother tongue

Lluis de Torres Biologist