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My daughter came home from school complaining about a sore

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My daughter came home from school complaining about a sore neck, she didn't have any other symptoms at the time. We heated a rice bag, kept her stationary and rested. Around 3 hours after bedtime she just woke up with the following;
* Extreme Pain in her neck, so much so that she said she couldn't move
* High temperature
* Shakes
She eventually hopped out of bed, went to the toilet, had a drink of water and we gave her Night time pain stop (From the chemist). We reheated her rice bag and put her in our bed. When we were doing this each time she was near to laying down on the pillow she would make a lot of noise about her sore neck and how she couldn't lay down.
Eventually she did and is now asleep. says if a child has a fever AND a neck pain we should see a doctor. what do you think this could be?
Her Medical History:
6 years old, ASthmatic, Eczema, various middle ear infections when younger, we've seen an ear specialist recently when we thought she had a middle ear infection (about 2 weeks ago) but he said there wasn't one and she was a mystery. She weighs about 22-24kg and is about 1.25m in height, thin build. She's previously had; Kroup, Chicken Pox, colds and flu's, on one occasion she's spent overnight in hospital (when we found out about asthma). She's not currently on any antibiotics or any other medications. No problems with eyesight, hearing or anything else I can think of. When she does get a fever she generally complains about being dizzy and has walked into a wall on at least one previous occasion. She appears to be growing out of her eczema, on the flip side though she seems to be getting fevers more regularly, approximately 2x per month.
Any thoughts, no matter what those suggestions might be would be great. And should I wake her up and take her to the doctor now? Additionally, do you think there may be any underlying significant health issues (e.g. diseases, chronic or otherwise etc) that could be creating these symptoms or could these symptoms be a lead in to any significant health issues for her foreseeable future?
PediatricMD :

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If you have any questions after reading my answer, be sure to let me know.

PediatricMD :

Ok, lots of questions here, and a very detailed history,

PediatricMD :

I would say that severe pain in any part of the child's body, especially with fever is an indication for a medical evaluation,

PediatricMD :

On the other hand if the fever has gone down, & she is comfortable, then you can wait till the morning and take her to the pediatrician in the morning

PediatricMD :

I do not believe that anything in the history suggests any serious underlying / chronic disease,

PediatricMD :

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