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My baby infant has head congestion, watery eyes, cough,

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my baby infant has head congestion, watery eyes, cough, fever of 102, and I think she is teething, but she is eating well. I already took her to the doctor and they gave her tylenol infant drops and benadryl but she is still sickly. Any idea what is going on with her. She sleeps under a ceiling fan on low and her room is fairly cool not warm and she sleeps in a one piece pajama. Please help. She is 4 months old and weighs about 13 pounds.
Hi there the chat was not allowing me to enter (or others as well...) so I changed to Q and A. I'm going to let you know that I am preparing an answer for you so just hold on a few minutes.
Hi again: So your daughter likely has a viral infection. This is not caused by being cooled by her fan or a light pj but by being in contact with someone about a week ago who was sick and passed it to her. Her symptoms are not from teething although getting the teeth at the same time will make her even more miserable! Basically as she saw the doctor you can go from this visit. There is no treatment (horrible isn't it!!) for the common cold or a viral illness for adults really but especially for babies. The symptoms can last up to 7-10 days but towards the end past say day 5ish you should start to notice things improving. You should not use other medicines besides tylenol for irritability or fever. I wouldn't use benadryl as it is not proven to do anything for the congestion related to a cold...(only allergies). She needs to breathe well, eat enough to stay well hydrated, (breastmilk is best when babies are has the added mommy care to it, makes pain seem less severe, and comes out nice and warm!. If she is not breastfeeding you may continue to give her formula with no concerns about causing more mucus....if she won't take it then you need to force her to take sufficient volume of something like pediaylte to urinate at least 4-5x a day! You can try to clean her nose with saline drops and then the bulb suction before she eats and sleeps as this is when her congestion will bother her the most as she really wants to breathe through her nose! You can try to elevate her head when she sleeps by strapping her into her infant seat on the floor or placing a pillow or two underneath her crib mattress. you may try a humidifier as well to make the air in her room less dry if you have heating on. Other than these minimal things you can do you need to wait and observe her. If she bothers you in any way....say a few more days of the 102, she is really irritable and can't sleep, cough is horrible or you hear rumbling in her chest, she can't drink enough to pee enough, or really anything!! feel free to bring her back to see the doctor as even though at the visit they told you nothing could be done things can always change and she may need further treatment. I tell parents they know instinctively when this is the case and to bring their child back for a recheck if they are concerned. I hope this helps! Feel free to respond with any thoughts!
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
This sounds great but my child has been sick since December with cough and stuffy nose although not as bad as it is now. Can I alternate between advil and tylenol maybe that will help her fever. What do you think about a vaporizer? Should the fan be off and less clothes put on her since she has the fever. For the most part she is in a dry heat environment except when you turn down the temperature but then it seems to be too cool in her room.
She is too young for advil (6 months at the earliest) Has she had periods of at least a few days in between without symptoms? Does she go to daycare? When were you seen at the doctor's office last? The vaporizer is fine (humidifier is the same thing) but you need to clean it every few days to avoid mold growth. It would also help with the dryness from the winter heat. Keep the temperature at what you think is comfortable for yourself and then dress her in for example a flannel or fleece pj with a onesie underneath as she probably won't stay covered unless you swaddle her still. If her hands/face are warm when she wakes up she is fine temp wise. I would keep her covered even though she has the fever...just not over covered if she is sweating it is too much.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
she goes to daycare but she is not allowed to go as long as she has a fever. The advil medicine bottle has a weight chart that says 12-17 pounds 1.25 ml. Shouldn't I go by weight and not age. As far as periods in between without symptoms (no) - she has at least one of the symptoms I listed at all times, sometimes just a cough and sometimes runny nose, but just recently started having fevers.
No not for advil sorry I love ibuprofen as a medicine and frequently will have people go and but it specifically as I feel it just takes the edge off of pain better....but it is not approved under 6 months as the younger baby has younger kidneys and it can affect the kidneys....same as for kids with kidney disease it is off limits. Daycare is kind of a necessary evil these days... I have had 2 in daycare fulltime from 4 months on. They say up to 12 viral illness a year for daycare kids who have a good immune system...let me tell you I see much more than this. My own were sick basically all the time with little symptom free periods in between maybe a day at best with decreased boogers and then bam...something new. It isn't the daycare's fault but the fact that many infants from different environments and kids come together in an enclosed space. At 4 months she is probably just starting to mouth things....the toys are disinfected daily but not every time an infant touches them or puts them in their mouth this virus is easily transmitted from baby to baby. In addition the same people care for the babies and virus can be on their clothes or hands even if they wash very frequently! Most daycares won't allow kids with fever to come in until after 24 hours of not having it but virus is actually starting to be shed in secretions before a kids develops fever or other symptoms and long after you feel they are well enough to reattend! Thus I would say that she is having frequent viral illnesses due to daycare exposure (the same thing happens with having siblings by the way!). The key to not suspecting an immune issue is that she has not had severe infections needing antibiotics or hospitalization. The fact that her lungs are clear even with mucus and cough is excellent as many babies with frequent virus infections can develop wheezing (asthma) and many can get frequent ear infections from having a lot of mucus all of the time.
One more thing to add....daycare has a lot of positive things associated with it when it is a high quality daycare later on! Great speech development, good socialization skills are among some of them!
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