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My 6 year old daughter has a sore stomach, fever and

Resolved Question:

My 6 year old daughter has a sore stomach, fever and headache. Fever and headache have just come on today. Fever is not really going down with Panadol. Prior to this she has been complaining of a sore stomach for a number of weeks. I took her to the doctor a few weeks ago and she had blood tests, urine tests and faeces tests which did nit show anything except slightly high protein and something else I can't remember but the doctor said it was within the normal range just on the high end. My daughter has been complaining intermittently of stomach pain and said she was vomitting in her mouth- I was not sure if she was just making it up or not. The doctor prescribed flagil in case of a bug but it did nit seem to make much difference after a few days and we had to stop using it as it made my daughter nauseous. Any ideas?
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr. Su S. replied 5 years ago.

How long the stomach symptoms are there? When did she stop flagyl? How high is the fever? In which part of stomach? How are stool & urine? Is there any other symptom, cough or significant past illness?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Stomach symptoms for about 6 or 8 weeks now. Mostly on and off nothing major except she would say at night she had a sore tummy and occasionally during the day. She is healthy and acive so at first I thought it was just attention seeking as there were no other symptoms. Flagyl was prescribed early December and stopped taking around the end of first week of December - any way sround 3 weeks ago I guess.
Not sure how high fever is but I'd guess aouund 38 or 39 degrees C. Stool and urine seem fine. She hasn't complained when going to the toilet and seems to have been relatively fine apart from today. No other symptoms except fever, sore stomach - which she says is all over- no cough but she did say a little while ago her throat was a bit sore. no past illness. No allegies. No medical history of any kind - she is fit, active and otherwise healthy.
Expert:  Dr. Su S. replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for the input.

Fever with headache sound like an infection. If she feels sore throat too it is likely to be due to an infection in the throat or upper respiratory tract infection. Abdominal pain seems to be unrelated to it. There can be an urinary infection which can cause abdomen pain, nausea. Symptoms of urine like burning, color changes may not be there. I would advise to take a review by doctor & have repeat tests when she had protein in urine. You can give ibuprofen if paracetamol does not help. This should be given after meal & at least 4 hours after paracetamol. Any query, please feel free to ask.

It will be my privilege to assist you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thanks. Since she has been complaining of stomach pain for quite some time now ( which may be unrelated to the fever and headaches), I am starting to get slightly concerned that there may be something to the stomach aches that needs to be sorted out. There seems to be a loose pattern of pain following eating ice-cream or other sugary foods. I only made the connection today as there now have been three occasions that I can recall where she has complained of a sore stomach not long after eating ice-cream. She was at the movies today with her Grandmother and the only thing she ate all day ( apart from cereal for breakfast) was an ice- cream and then she told my mother-in-law she had a sore tummy. I remember her saying the same thing to me after eating jelly for dessert last night and again a few days earlier after eating ice- cream while we were on holidays. Usually she had been complaining mostly at night. She says it hurts during the day but she just plays and puts up with it. She did say last night that it hurt her tummy when she puts her legs out straight - when she stretches out. She told me she prefers to keep her legs bent as it doesn't hurt her tummy. Given that she is really active and then started to run around, I just kind of dismissed it. She is a tough as nails kind of kid with a high pain threshold so she might be sicker than she appears. I am concerned that maybe the fever might be somehow tied to stomach ache. Is this likely? If not any ideas on the spprolonged stomach pain?
Expert:  Dr. Su S. replied 5 years ago.
Can you elaborate the precise site of pain, or any radiation to other place & if so, where? Is there any area of tenderness?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
When I asked her where "specifically" it hurt all she says is everywhere. I have asked her if it is more up or down or if one side hurts more than the other and she just says it hurts everywhere all over her tummy. I have asked her to describe the pain - whether it is a sharp pain or a dull acheing pain and it seems more to be a dull aching kind of pain that sometimes gets sharp. It is hard for a 6 year old to describe the kind of pain in a way adults can understand. No radiating pain that I can establish. She is currently asleep so I am not sure of tenderness.
Expert:  Dr. Su S. replied 5 years ago.
In children there can be nonspecific or functional abdominal pain which occurs mainly around the belly button. This can occur in children in the age group between 4-12 years of age. Emotion stress can have role on it. Even in children stress can be possible. It usually goes away on itself. But if the pain persists, it is advisable to rule out any physical one first. There can be food intolerance or allergy when she feels pain after taking particular food. An ultrasound of the abdomen can be taken. You can also consult a pediatric gastroenterologist.
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