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For past couple weeks my 5 year old son start burping and

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For past couple weeks my 5 year old son start burping and passing gas a lot. Sometimes he will tell us his belly aches. We visit doctor and he told us there in nothing to worry and to take kids probiotics daily. Symptoms aren't changed and now his skin on fingers is peeling a lot to. No fever or problem with troat but he does complain often to be cold.Can you help us? We just want to now how to help him and is it anything more serious?In advance thank you

Dear JACUSTOMER y8bpv4vt: You may want to temporarily take out of his diet dairy products too to see if this helps. Continue to use the probiotics 2 to 3 times a week. Make sure he is not on too much fiber containing food and drinks daily. Stop the pepto.

Since he is not picking at his fingers or chewing at his skin on the fingers. Use a vaseline on the skin or moisturizer cream after bathing for him and if these areas of skin are itchy, use a topical hydrocortisone for the itching. If he is not having any constipation issues, and the abdominal discomfort continues or worsens, take him back to the doctor for a second evaluation and if you are not satisfied at that point, try a different doctor for getting a second opinion. Make sure that someone has done a lead level on the child and ruled out lead toxicity.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Relist: Other.
We already now his diagnoses & he is not been exposed to led.
Dear JACUSTOMER y8bpv4vt: Sorry if I did not quite fully understand your question in asking for whether or not the problem he was having could be anything more serious as you asked. If you would like to know if there is anything more serious going on, then it means that there is not yet a definitive diagnosis known. I tried to include some things you could do in addition to what you had already tried doing which may be of help to comfort the child. Other things causing abdominal pain and the peeling of his skin on the fingers can be present simultaneously along with the diagnoses you already know, and these need to be evaluated again and looked for so that proper treatment can be given if additional diagnoses are discovered from the new evaluation, especially when you have a child whose symptoms are as you said, "aren't changed" and that the child is still symptomatic.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry for misunderstanding,
What we ment was we already know and try what you suggested other then led level and stop pepto.
When it comes to itching he has none. Going in bathroom is nothing different then any other time before.
You mention led, can you please let us know why you suggesting to check it out. What are other symptoms if it is high?
His diet is not high in fiber what so ever; very picky eater and I'm trying to include different food in small amounts( few spoons if I'm lucky and most of time I try to have fresh home cooked food).
please let me know if you need more info on anything else.
We did talk about second opinion but I wanted to hear you opinion before anything.
Again sorry and
Thank you

Dear JACUSTOMER y8bpv4vt: The reason I mentioned lead is because one of the signs or symptoms of lead levels being elevated in toxic levels in children is abdominal pain or discomfort and the only way to find out if lead is the cause, you would have to have your child's physician do a blood lead level. Children can ingest lead by placing lead painted toys in their mouths or there may be lead leaking into a water supply and if a residence(house) is older in respect to when it was built, lead-based paint could have been used with sometimes lead peelings shedding and being around that can be accidentally ingested by young children without the parents knowledge. If the symptoms continue, you do need to get a second opinion. It is good he is not taking in too much fiber because a lot of times, fiber is overlooked which may be included in certain food items we buy and then add along with other fiber containing foods in each meal. You may want to try some yogurt also if he likes yogurt.

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