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Louise Sivak, M.D.
Louise Sivak, M.D., Doctor
Category: Pediatrics
Satisfied Customers: 3499
Experience:  Pediatrician, Board-certified in Ped Hematology/Oncology
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My 12 year old has an extremely small penis size, wonder if

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My 12 year old has an extremely small penis size, wonder if and when I should start to worry about this, as I am considerably concerned and wonder if it needs attention?

Louise Sivak, M.D. :

Hello, From what you post, yes this does need the attention of a pediatric endocrinologist. Your son's pediatrician may do some screening blood tests of hormone levels prior to that visit.

Customer: Is it something that could/should wait? We are in process of moving here from the UK, so have no family doctor. How much would these tests cost? I'm separated so don't know where I stand re my estranged husband's health insurance. If this isn't your area, can you redirect please? Thank you.
Louise Sivak, M.D. :

Hello, In general would try to get medical insurance ASAP. This can wait until you have insurance that covers your son, but would not wait longer than 3-6 months. No idea how much these cost but too much (not trying to be "flip"). Has your son started puberty? What are his hgt and wgt?

Louise Sivak, M.D. :

Is your son healthy, any chronic issues?

Customer: 5' 1 1/2" height, weighs 152
Customer: He has mild cp, dyspraxia, some fine and gross motor skills probes, converg. squint, wears bilateral hear aids. Very picky eater, working on this, SERIOUS gag reflex and texture sensitivity. No other actual health prob but weight
Louise Sivak, M.D. :

Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX he be evaluated by a pediatric endocrinologist. Are you moving to an area that has a larger childrens' hospital with specialists?

Customer: Unsure... Bonita Springs, Florida (near Naples) if you know that area, or can recommend anyone?!
Louise Sivak, M.D. :

I don't know that area. Major pediatric centers in Gainesville and Orlando, and of course Miami, not sure about Ft Myers. Best of luck,

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