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What does thick blood in a full term newborn mean? the WBC

Customer Question

what does thick blood in a full term newborn mean? the WBC are low and the RBC is high. They just took the baby for a blood transfusion. he's only 9 hours old. A big baby 9lbs12oz
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Dr. Su S. replied 6 years ago.

Thick blood is polycythemia or high RBC. As the baby is very pink, so they wanted partial exchange transfusion to reduce the RBC. There can several causes for it. Doctor can investigate to find out the precise cause.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
the parents were thinking it has something related to rh factor & the heavy doses of antibiotic they said he had to have before he could get the transfusion.immediately after that they were told his WBC was too high and the RBC it too high and blood is too thick to circulate the doctors and nurses arent telling them much of anything, Just running many tests. Taking him in and out of the room. parents are terrified he could die.
Expert:  Dr. Su S. replied 6 years ago.
In case of Rh factor incompatibility exchange transfusion of blood is needed to remove the positive blood which creates problem in break down of blood cells. Here partial exchange is done to remove the extra RBC. High WBC can occur in newborn transiently. Or it can be due to infection. In infection antibiotic will be needed. As mother had infection, he will need constant monitoring, repeated blood tests to have a watchful look on his status. Small baby can not express. So frequents tests are needed. If you are satisfied with the answer, please press the ACCEPT button so that I can be compensated for my time & effort. Regards.

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