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Raymond B., M.D.
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My 3 year old has a lump below her left rib cage. The Dr.

Resolved Question:

My 3 year old has a lump below her left rib cage. The Dr. examined it and said that because it did not feel as though it was attached to anything, it moved and was somewhat soft; it was likely a fatty deposit. He asked me to keep monitoring it & to let him know if I noticed it became larger. I'm not 100% comfortable with his diagnosis. My daughter is an extremely constipated child - she holds in her stool. She has to push very hard since her stool is very large and hard. Miralax & Milk of Magnesium have helped her somewhat. She also has another lump on the upper left side of her belly button. This lump is always there, but is mostly evident on the days she does not go to the bathroom. Her gastroenterologist saw her, felt her lump and stated it was a result of a dilated colon caused by her constipation and its pushing thru her weak abdominal wall (I was relieved about that since her pediatrician said the same thing). My only concern is that both lumps may be related. I'm terrified that she has metastatic cancer. Neither hurt her and she does not have any other type of symptom. She's scheduled for a blood test to check for Celiac Disease, only because my niece has it as well. I don't know what else to do since both Dr's don't seem to be very concerned at all. I figure if they had a hunch it could be something like a tumor they would've ordered ultrasounds or scans. She's scheduled to see her gastro in 3 weeks, but I'm extremely worried. Any advise? Is there any type of cancer symptom in children that I should be looking for? PLEASE HELP! Thanks.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Pediatrics
Expert:  Raymond B., M.D. replied 6 years ago.

Dear JACUSTOMER p51h63l8: The only advice I recommend is for you not to be overly worried since the doctors who have examined your child have not found any physical evidence on physical examination and from the history given of any kind of indication that this is cancerous and I think that one of them would have ordered a ultrasound or CT scan if there was anything in their differentials regarding the presentation. If would not hurt for you as parent to request for one of the doctors to order a ultrasound of the left abdominal quadrant(over the spleen) which should include the area under the left rib cage so that you will feel better about the lump in that area, since you feel better now that the gastroenterologist has along with the pediatrician, both diagnosed the other lump on the upper left side of her umbilicus(belly button). At this point of evaluation, no there is no list of cancer symptoms that you should be looking for, unless the doctors evaluating your child discusses with you of findings pointing toward a diagnosis of cancer. It may be best for you to wait until the tests and full or complete diagnostic evaluation on your child is done before becoming overly anxious prematurely.

Discuss with the gastroenterologist again your concerns regarding possibilities of cancer and listen for any further recommendations by this specialist about what workup needs to be done at this time.

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