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My child is 3 and 7 months old she has had yellow tongue, on

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my child is 3 and 7 months old she has had yellow tongue, on top of her tongue for over 3 weeks, some days are better than others., the yellow color is on her tongue all day the intensity of the yellow color changes thru the day, what is it, whats causing it, how long does it last? what can i do to make it better, The yellow toungue is the only thing or symptom i have noticed, she eats excellent all day, plays, runs, laughs etc. its just that yellow color on top of her tongue. I took her to her pedetrician one week ago and told me its nothing and not to worry about it it will eventually go away. Is this normal on kids?

How are colors of her eyes & skin? Is the tongue coated? Did she have any recent illness?

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
her eyes are white and skin color is normal pink, well she had runny nose approximately 5 weeks ago, doc what do you mean by coated?
Thank you for the input.

When her eyes & skin are not yellow it is unlikely to be due to jaundice which can cause yellow coloration of tongue. When she had cold symptoms before it can be due to an yeast infection. In many cases it passes off on its own. Yogurt with lactobacilli in it can be helpful to clear it.

Any query, please feel free to ask.
It will be my privilege to assist you.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
duration wise you mean one month, two months , three months what about any meds or antiobiotics? is this common on kids? so its a harmless condition?
You should also watch whether she takes anything yellow colored like candy. She should rinse her mouth with plain water after she takes food.each time Hydrogen peroxide, etc will not be needed. It can pass off in 1-2 months. Doctor may prescribe nystatin, miconazole to apply orally, if he thinks necessary.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
ok doc i feel better so pretty much this condition is harmless and has no possible complications or side effects, last questions to be completely satisfied , to your knowledge whats the best way to treat this? and what causes the yellowish on the toungue?
Yellowish color can occur in jaundice. It can occur from collection of food debris, yeast infection, glossitis, or from color of the food. The treatment will differ according to the condition. You can try the measures i outlined. If you do not find any improvement in a week, you need to take her to doctor for a review.

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