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What kind of Health issues develop in early and middle

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What kind of Health issues develop in early and middle childhood?
What kind of program do you believe will raise awareness of the importance of healthy life choices? What inherited or environmental factors might change the normal course of child development?


Kinds of Health Issues of Early and Middle Childhood include:

1. Developmental issues involving vision, hearing, and speech

2. Failure to Thrive

3. Environmental Exposures to such things as tobacco(second-hand smoke), toxins

4. Abuse and Neglect (intentional and unintentional)

5. Drownings and Near drownings

6. Poisonings

7. Infections

8. Genetic Disorders and Congenital Disorders

9. Obesity

10.Behavioral Issues including ADD, ADHD

11. Autism, Pervasive Devvelopmental Disorder (PDD)

12. Accidents and Injuries

The types of programs which will raise awareness are programs which are largely funded by responsible communities and local governments which care about the citizens which they serve, not waiting on federal support to raise the awareness about such health related issues which affect their communities. Sometimes, good programs are left to be funded by the federal government for local communities which end up being scraped because of not enough votes,etc. from people who are not connected to the individual community affected by the health issues. This is why local governments should take leadership in carrying the torch so to speak in making sure that their community is made aware and effective objectives and goals towards resolving the issues are addressed first by them for their own community.

Environmental changes which promote improved health for communities ultimately will help to foster better child development. Changes in the way communities handle waste, toxins in our atmosphere including gas fumes from cars, trucks and buses. Changes in educational goals related to performance standards for both teachers and students. All of these are examples of things which when done consistently and professionally with caring hearts will no doubt help to change the normal course of child development.

Hope this helps!

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
What kind of program an be implement in the classroom to help raise awareness of the importance of healthy life choices?
DearCustomer In a classroom setting among students and their instructor a program which implements health issues common to families in that particular community which would include better dental care as well as health care (including improving nutrition at home and school), improving health by exercise goals which can be individualized per student per family, and environmental changes which can be done at the school to help overall promotion of better or improved health.
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